Crib Notes: Oct. 3, 2013

August March
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Crib Notes
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1) How did Walt finally thwart the Nazis? Spoiler alert!

a. He used science

b. He used ricin

c. With an automated, remote-controlled machine gun

d. A and C

2) Which one of Governor Susana Martinez’ minions was quoted last week as writing in an official email, “There has never been and is not now any significant evidence of hunger in N.M. …”

a. DOE Secretary-Designate Hannah Skandera

b. Attorney General Gary King

c. Lt. Governor John A. Sanchez

d. HSD Secretary Sidonie Squier

3) Who’s leading the pack in the home stretch of this year’s mayoral election?

a. Paul Heh

b. Richard Berry

c. Cabin Lance

d. Pete Dinelli

4) Last week, Connor Rice, a former member of Albuquerque’s finest was acquitted of which charge:

a. Possession of Methamphetamine

b. Aggravated Battery

c. Receiving Stolen Property

d. Impersonating a Police Officer


1) C. Walt used an automated machine gun that he activated with a device on his keychain to kill the Nazis. Earlier that day, he poisoned Lydia with the vial of ricin he had hidden at his former home.

2) D. HSD Secretary Sidonie Squier made this controversial comment last week in an email sent to state administrators. After much political pressure, she walked the comments back by week’s end.

3) B. Independent research firm Research and Polling, Inc. still shows incumbent Berry with a massive lead.

4) B.
The Las Cruces Sun says, “The jury deliberated about three hours before returning the verdict for Connor Rice on charges of misdemeanor battery and aggravated battery.
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