Crib Notes: Oct. 9, 2014

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Crib Notes: Oct. 9, 2014
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1) During early October in Albuquerque, the sky surrounding the city is filled with _____________.

a) Flying saucers

b) Balloons

c) Invisible denizens of an eldritch race

d) Flying squirrels

2) An Albuquerque man has been charged with embezzling _______________.

a) Green chile

b) Golf balls

c) Beef jerky

d) Anti-static wipes

3) A worker at the ABQ BioPark accidentally ________________.

a) Set the lions free

b) Fell into the dreaded crocodile pit

c) Was late to work

d) Killed about 100 fish by poisoning

4) Three citizens ________________ while visiting Nob Hill on Saturday, Oct. 4.

a) Bought embarrassingly expensive meals

b) Thought they were Downtown

c) Got lost in the organic section at the Co-op

d) Were stabbed

5) Longtime nuevomexicano politico James Lewis is retiring. What office has Lewis not held in his 38 years of public service?

a) City of Albuquerque Chief Operating Officer

b) Assistant Secretary at US Department of Energy

c) US Representative

d) Bernalillo County Treasurer


1) B. October traditionally means balloons over Albuquerque .

2) C. Mark Torres stands accused of absconding with more than $33,000 worth of the dried meat product for his personal gain.

3) D. An effort to exterminate parasites at the aquarium went awry, and many fish died as a result.

4) D. Three people were stabbed near Imbibe, a popular Nob Hill watering hole, on Saturday night.

5) C. Lewis ran for the democratic nomination to the US House in 1990, but he didn’t succeed. During his storied career, Lewis was also Governor Bruce King’s Chief of Staff.
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