Crib Notes: October 1, 2015

August March
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1) On Friday Oct. 2 through Wednesday Oct. 7, _____________________ will fly over Albuquerque multiple times.

) a Guild Heighliner

b) Witchiepoo and her Vroom Broom

c) Kayne West

d) a B-17 Flying Fortress

2) During our annual International Balloon Fiesta, the hot air-powered aeronautical vehicles are not the only things that rise. _____________ prices also climb, sometimes reaching sky-high levels.

a) Hotel room

b) “Breaking Bad” souvenir

c) Banana

d) Green chile

3) A software and IT company called Rural Sourcing Inc. is going to bring ___________________ to Albuquerque during an upcoming three year period of growth and expansion.

a) an unstoppable, intelligent computer virus

b) at least 125 new jobs

c) an unlimited supply of fresh water

d) more nuclear weapons

4) En el Norte, massive renovations at Taos Ski Valley have led to an increase in _________________, among other tangible economic benefits.

a) the production of helmets and goggles

b) the possibilities for snow later on in the year

c) employment

d) snowboarding instruction schools

5) The UNM football squad evened things up statistically this past weekend when they beat the __________________ by a score of 38-28.

a) Santa Cruz Banana Slugs

b) Gallup High School Wildcats

c) Fearless Freaks

d) Wyoming Cowboys


1) D. A vintage Flying Fortress, just like the kind used to bomb the Nazis back into the Stone Age during World War II, will be on display and in the air around Albuquerque beginning on Friday.

2) A. Many of the 800,000 humans who come to see Balloon Fiesta are from out of town, so hotel rooms are at a premium at this time of year.

3) B. The company was recruited by an organization called Albuquerque Economic Development; the new enterprise says it will bring at least 125 new jobs to the city within 3 years.

4) C. Experts point to the renovation and subsequent job growth as an indication that Taos’ construction industry is on the rebound after losing ground over the past several years.

5) D. Despite a lot of worry about the state of Lobo football, this week’s win over the hapless Cowboys of Wyoming demonstrated that UNM’s offensive game is finally coming together.
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