Crib Notes: October 8, 2015

August March
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1) City investigators have determined that $250,000 in ____________________ are missing from Albuquerque’s Transit Department.

) bus fares

b) spare tires

c) bicycle racks

d) wooden tokens

The Governor’s Distinguished Public Service Awards ceremony, to be held at the Marriott Pyramid on Nov. 11, will honor 11 distinguished New Mexicans. The keynote speaker for the event will be ________________________.

a) Mayor Richard Berry

b) Officer Dominique Perez

c) former Chief of Police Bob Stover

d) former ABC News Anchor Sam Donaldson

3) According to city officials, the previous mayoral administration here in Burque did not keep up with day-to-day maintenance ______________________.

a) on open space trails near the Sandia Mountains

b) around dangerous Downtown alleyways

c) at the ABQ BioPark

d) on bus routes through Uptown and the NE Heights

4) A new report generated by the FBI suggests that __________________ in Albuquerque.

a) the homeless population is restless

b) aliens from the 23rd dimension have infiltrated city politics

c) violent crime is rising

d) everything is wonderful

5) Local citizens living along the I-25 corridor recently complained that an alley near the interstate is filled with _____________________.

a) balloon pins

b) tamale husks

c) discarded hypodermic needles

d) bottles of urine


1) A. Investigators have discovered that a vendor called Miracle Delivery Armored Service may have made off hundreds of thousands of dollars in bus fares.

2) D. The gala event, which features winners like the 58th Special Operations Wing from Kirtland Air Force Base and Todd Dunivan of Sandia Labs, will also feature the elegant speechifying of Sam Donaldson.

3) C. Gilbert Montano, Mayor Berry’s chief of staff says that the previous administration is to blame for the lack of maintenance at our city zoo.

4) C. According to the feds, violent crime such as aggravated assault is on the rise in our city, though the rates of sexual assault and murder have actually dropped.

5) D. City resident Richard Reycraft says he found up to 200 bottles of urine in the alley behind his home
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