Crib Notes: Sept. 10, 2015

August March
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1) Two city councilors plan to introduce legislation aimed at reducing penalties for the possession of _____________________.

a) kittehs

b) Amanita Muscaria

c) marijuana

d) time travel devices

2) According to published reports, 35.5% of Albuquerque residents have little or nothing to do with ______________________.

a) banks

b) jumping spiders

c) chrome wheel rims

d) green chile

3) The University of New Mexico football team began their season last weekend, beating the _________________________ 66-0.

a) Alabama Crimson Tide

b) Auburn Tigers

c) New Mexico State Aggies

d) Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils

4) The one-time site of Eclipse Aviation is now slated to be a plant that manufactures ___________________.

a) tortillas

b) replicants

c) Soylent Green

d) flying saucers

5) Our state legislators are currently gearing up to _______________________.

) order lunch from The Bull Ring.

b) face off with the governor over concerns about public education

c) dance merrily about the Roundhouse

d) impeach Secretary of State Dianna Duran


1) C. Councilors Isaac Benton and Rey Garduño are convinced that Albuquerque’s citizens have spoken clearly about reducing penalties for possession of marijuana and are pursuing the matter.

2) A. There are more than 120,000 unbanked and underbanked households in the metropolitan area, according to a newly released FDIC survey.

3) D. The Lobos brutalized the Delta Devils, giving up only 74 yards and causing three turnovers and nine punts as they rolled over the hapless team from Mississippi.

4) A. The former aircraft hanger has been purchased by New Mexico Foods LLC. It’ll make a great tortilla plant.

5) D. A legislative committee will meet next week to consider impeachment proceedings for the beleaguered secretary of state, who is accused of gambling away campaign donations at area casinos.
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