Crib Notes: Sept. 11, 2014

August March
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Crib Notes: Sept. 11, 2014
( Andrew Magill )
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1) How much is the yearly salary of UNM head basketball coach Craig Neal?

a) $100,000 per year

b) $200,000 per year

c) $500,000 per year

d) $950,000 per year

2) A restaurant owned by two rocanrol musicians opened Monday, Sept. 8, in Burque. Who are the rockers that founded the Rock & Brews chain?

a) Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth

b) Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

c) Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley

d) Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood

3) At this past weekend’s TEDxABQ event in Albuquerque, Joy Junction staffers were asked to remove t-shirts with the name _____________ printed on them.

a) Karl Marx

b) God

c) Shiva

d) Aleister Crowley

4) Mary Hawkes’ death at the hands of the Albuquerque Police Department was preceded by ______________.

a) A potentially questionable search of her cellphone

b) A donut-eating party

c) Discussions about what military hardware to use in apprehending her

d) Prayerful meditation for peace and justice

5) Who beat the Lobo football team last weekend?

a)  The Bad News Bears

b)  The Valley High School Vikings

c)  Some cartoon characters from Disneyland

d)  The Arizona State Sun Devils


1) D. Neal just had his salary increased to the amazing sum of $950,000 per year.

2) C. KISS founding members Simmons and Stanley created the restaurant chain.

3) B. TEDxABQ founder Tim Nisly said the “God” shirts were distracting.

4) A. A warrantless search of Mary Hawkes’ cellphone led police to the fatal encounter with the teenager.

5) D. The Sun Devils routed the Lobos 58-23.
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