Crib Notes: Sept. 18, 2014

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Crib Notes: Sept. 18, 2014
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1) On Monday, Sept. 15, attorneys for the Bernalillo County Commission filed an emergency petition with the State Supreme Court to ____________________.

a) Add two nonbinding, advisory questions to the November ballot

b) Declare the entire state a disaster area

c) Prevent Texans from visiting the state, regardless of skiing abilities

d) Admit the presence of extraterrestrials in the state

2) Undercover police officers in Burque are busting people who are ______________________.

a) Not big fans of donuts and coffee

b) Similar in appearance to Jesse Pinkman

c) Soliciting prostitutes during the State Fair

d) In violation of the city’s weed and litter ordinance

3) An elderly Albuquerque woman is suing Aid Home Health Care Services over an unwanted ___________________.

a) Bible

b) Tattoo

c) Fish

d) Glimpse of eternity

4) A shiny object seen in the skies near Albuquerque this past weekend was actually ____________________.

a) A spacecraft from Mezar 5

b) A very large silver coin

c) The moon

d) A balloon

5) This past Sunday, Sept. 14, which team beat the Lobo Women’s Soccer Squad, leaving our home team with a 1-3 record?

a) The University of Florida Gators

b) The UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs

c) The Arizona State Sun Devils

d) The New Mexico State Aggies


1) A. The County Commission wants to add two nonbinding questions to the next ballot. One would ask voters about decriminalizing small amounts of weed; the other is about whether the county should increase the sales tax in support of mental health services.

2) C. Undercover officers with APD are ready to bust you if you try to solicit sex using monetary enticement during State Fair time.

3) B. Mary Hernandez is seeking damages for negligence and personal injuries after allegedly being forced into having her eyebrows permanently tattooed on by a health care worker.

4) D. On Sunday, Sept. 14, a scientific balloon was released from the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility near Fort Sumner, N.M.

5) A. The number 6 Gators shut out the Lady Lobos 4-0.
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