Crib Notes: Sept. 24, 2015

Geoffrey Plant
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Crib Notes: September 24, 2015
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1) The APD police officer and former detective charged in the shooting death of James Boyd are the recipients of significant amounts of what?

a) ’Dolla—’dolla bills

b) Scrawled death threats, weird effigies and hate mail

Paperwork. Lots of paperwork.

All of the above

2) What student ghetto landmark is for sale?

a) Knadjian’s Oriental Rugs

b) 66 Diner

Jack’s Lounge

The Copper Lounge

3) What Albuquerque business had the BEST selection of German meats, sausage and HARIBO candy before it announced it’s closure last week?

a) Hastings


The Alpine Sausage Kitchen

The 7-11 on Comanche and Wyoming

4) Central New Mexico Community College began removing what from their main campus last week?

a) Bicycles

The skinny blue towers with a help button

c) The homeless

The Tardis

5) After seven years, an Albuquerque family was reunited with their ___________.

a) blue-eyed, red-haired prodigal son

lost dog

missing cat



1) D. According to their lawyer, Perez and Sandy have received so many threats they cannot show up for court without special protection and have requested they be allowed to carry firearms for self-defense. Perez has raised $20K for his legal defense; Sandy, $1K.

2) D. Across the street from 66 Diner, directly east of the former Knadjian’s Oriental Rugs building and once known as Jack’s, The Copper Lounge is for sale.

3) C. The owners of the venerable source for Reuben sandwich ingredients announced it will be closing at the end of the month, citing their age and the departure of theGerman Air Force from Fort Bliss.

4) B. The Code Blue light-up beacons were erected on UNM and CNM campuses in the mid-’90s but CNM says they are the constant target of vandals and most potential assault victims have cell phones now anyway.

5) B. The Madrid family was reunited with their Pomeranian, Kiki, after she was found alongside a road near Moriarty—seven years after she went missing in a suspected pet-napping.
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