Editorial: Where To Now, Albuquerque?

The Seer, The Jester And The Scholar

August March
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So the earth continues to travel undisturbed in an unfathomably huge elliptical path around the sun, an impossibly massive, hot, yet verifiably real object only 93 million miles away. That burning blob of plasma gives us life. So remember that whatever spiritual, metaphysical, religious or scientific ideas this essay on prognostication engenders, we’re all ultimately sun worshippers and our god is at least 4.5 billion years old—constantly aflame with just the sort of radiation fleshy beings like us need to survive in the depths of space, by the way.

With all the uncertainty such a labyrinthine existential scheme breeds, it’s no doubt the big-brained, hairless, bipedal apes—of which you and I are invested tribe-members—are going to go seeking for further clarification.

That’s probably especially true these days, when American culture has just spent the past two years transitioning from a hopeful, progressive, democratic society with growing global reach into a dour yet determined, regressive populist-nationalist regime dressed in protectionist and isolationist costumes to hide its ravenous imperial nature.

What’s next? is not so much a rhetorical question or urgent bourgeois expletive uttered every month on bill day as it is the symbol of a real, growing quest to understand the massive changes facing human culture right now.

In the midst of crisis the answers folks seek tend to come from experts. The advice of the common man just won’t do it in times when there just ain’t no job growth and the North Koreans have an A-Bomb aimed at the heart of our enterprise. Economists are consulted. Planetary scientists. Mystics and lawyers. Rabbis, priests and bishops get a say too, as year-end predictions come pouring out through a gazillion media outlets.

But among our small communities, at the beginning of an all-too warm winter, we also tend to talk among ourselves. Here at
Weekly Alibi, there’s always a plethora of the informed, curiously shaping and inhabiting the spaces of our lives right here in Burque.

Here’s who we talked to: local psychic Reta Crook-Bray, legendary Burqueño poet and bunny-man, Jeff Hartzer and public health scientist John Scariano. While their looks at the future varied and sometimes were at odds, they all wrote to us from their hearts about the future—the place where, the Amazing Criswell noted, we will spend the rest of our lives.

The Seer

Reta Crook-Bray has been a part of the metaphysical/psychic community all of her life. While in high school her aunt and mother opened Abitha’s with the hope of bringing the tools to folks who practice the old ways. Reta has served Albuquerque’s Pagan community for near 30 years and looks forward to the years to come.

Weekly Alibi: What is happening in the world now, why have the last two years been so chaotic and where are we going?

Reta Crook-Bray: First, the past two years, fear and doubt have ruled side by side. Psychically meaning that once one allows fear and/or doubt to have a place in their life that person loses their own power.

The start to 2018 is blessing us with the full moon, Jan. 1. It is what is called a wolf moon and is full of strength and determination. It is also a supermoon, meaning that it is unusually close to the Earth, this will allow us to shed the guck and muck that we have been carrying for the past two or so years. Giving us the chance to lay a sound and strong foundation to build our goals and dreams upon.

Putting into place "resolutions" at this time of year is the norm, but think more if you will to be putting "the law" into effect, saying in effect, “This is how my year will be!” I will not settle for anything less than. … Placing such statements into your energy/aura, one is adding intention and purpose to what they want and deserve.

How will things continue to change in 2018?

2018 is going to be a great year. Full of opportunities and new experiences. If one works on growing a positive vibration of good intent, all the ill and negativity that has been breeding will have no place and will have no strength to meddle.

Are there forces at work in this world beyond what the average human imagines? Are those forces working for or against us?

The extra energies that have been "hanging" around have been with us on this plane since Samhain, also known as Halloween. Several folks have felt the presence of their loved ones and others who have passed for several weeks now, not knowing exactly why but open to understanding it.

During the time of Samhain the veil between our world and the next becomes very thin. At that time spirits are able to visit and if they wish help those of us on the physical plane with what we might be trying to achieve. Energies of our guides, ancestors and guardian angels are always with us to try and help keep us on the path that we were placed upon from birth.

With that, there are also energies that when they left their physical body did not wish to leave this plane and have taken up a space filling it with a harmful and malice desire to harm those who physically reside in that space.

When off feelings come over you you can call out or pray for safety and protection from anything that wishes you harm. Cleansing your home, work, car, family and self will help clear these energies from the space and allow more peace and positive energy to reside.

What about all the dry warm weather this winter, what does that mean?

This past November, I saw a post of my friend’s daughter building a snowman, normal for this time of year? yes. Where they live? No. My friend and her family live in Covington, La., just outside New Orleans. Here in New Mexico I see it as a blessing. Meaning that there are beings that are part of the land and are trying all that they can to make a better place for all of us. In doing so the energetic vibrations are so high that the traditional winter has no place here at this time.

Anything else you might want to add about the human condition, hope, the future?

As we go into 2018, keep your vibrations positive. When doubt wiggles into your thoughts tell it to "go away," or, "Be gone before someone drops a house on you." Give those negative thoughts and ill intent wishes no place to call home. And above all else be good to each other.

The Jester

A lifelong educator, writer, poet and photographer—who was also one of this town’s first legitimate bloggers—
Jeff Hartzer is also the curator of Bunnytown USA and a partner at AirDance ArtSpace. He has been a fresh and chaotic voice of this desert since 1985.

Weekly Alibi: What did you dream about 2018?

Jeff Hartzer: I awoke on New Year’s Day in the midst of an action-packed apocalyptic dream. A group including me, was each looking to hide in a ghost town similar to the set of AMC’s season one of “Preacher” at the Bonanza Creek Ranch in Cerrillos—with dusty roads, old half-open buildings and surrounded by a very vast unknown of emptiness. In this dream, no one knew each other, no one knew the apparently mobile enemy. We were each weaponless, lost, hungry, tired, dirty and very afraid. We were not hiding from zombies but rather from a mobile humanity on the hunt. And, we each felt helpless and yes, hopeless.

My dream was not an auspicious start to what the Chinese Zodiac refers to as the “Year of the Earth Dog” (2/16/2018-2/4/2019). Our Commander-in-Chief was unfortunately born in 1946, making him in the Chinese parlance, an Earth Dog; yet, number 45 is the only POTUS in 130 years to not own a dog. Why would he? He genuinely only loves himself with no room for pets in his tiny cone of ‘love’. He even made “Merry Christmas” all about himself. Jesus! On the other paw, dogs receive all of our love (or hate) and return only geometrically increased amounts of true unconditional love no matter how kicked around or ignored they may be.

What do your dreams say about Albuquerque?

The world famous Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta will be canceled this year for lack of “hot air”—the stuff will be spewing unabated in Washington, leading to a ballooning crisis. Our Peetza Governor will secede to the Democrats as scheduled. At least three giant big box stores will be reborn as marijuana dispensaries. Mother Earth’s sacred salt beds will tire of mistakes at WIPP; results unknown.

Don Schrader will finally have to pay taxes after the skyrocketing sales of brewskis and apparel merch for his new brew, WHIZZBANGERS goes national. At thefullwiki.org Don shares, “I have drunk my piss every day since 11/10/1999.” Party on, Don. Zozobra will finally marry up and have little Zozos just like Orbit’s little ones. Finally and most importantly, I predict that Mayor Tim Keller’s new beard will become white by next Christmas.

The Scholar

As a scientist,
John Scariano works with large amounts of healthcare data to determine positive outcomes for his patients. A Chicago native, he’s also passionate about culture and politics and has 28 years of teaching and research experience at the UNM School of Medicine, Department of Pathology.

Weekly Alibi: How will American life and health be affected in 2018?

John Scariano: The life expectancy in the US will decrease again this year, largely to the huge amount of opioid addiction we’re discovering especially among white, middle class, middle-aged adults.

In the larger scope of things, how will the health of the planet be affected this year?

Approval of previously banned neonicotinoid pesticides—made possible by the Trump administration—will cause continued decrease in specifice pollinating insect populations, particularly bumble- and honeybee populations. On a related note, the western US will continue to face a significant drought and subsequently there will be more wildfires.

What do you see as an outcome to this and other scientific issues?

Despite the denigration of science and scientists, reason and clear thinking will gain a new beach head after Nov. 2018.

Where to Now, Albuquerque?

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