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Cd 1 Candidate Faced Daunting Odds

August March
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Davis Endorses Haaland
CD 1 Candidate Deb Haaland (Courtesy Haaland for Congress)
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Just as Weekly Alibi began the cyclic process of going to press on Tuesday, some of us here received texts and emails confirming that City Councilor Pat Davis—who tested at 5% in this past weekend’s Albuquerque Journal poll—was dropping out of the race and encouraging his supporters to fall in line behind Deb Haaland.

The ideals and platform planks that Davis espoused and continues to espouse as a member of our local city government team are always going to be issues that
Weekly Alibi supports. Evidence of Pat’s progressivism is best experienced through the lens of his legislation. As a city council member and citizen he will continue to have important influence on what happens in this city. His brave, no-holds-barred stance against the NRA and against gun violence will remain a memorable highlight—and guidepost—for this year’s campaign against Trumpism.
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