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Most Dems On The State Ballot Have A Great Night

August March
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Grisham, Haaland and Heinrich Triumph
Lujan Grisham campaigns at Barelas Coffee Hhouse (Corey Yazzie)
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In what could turn out to be one of the most memorable and voted upon elections in New Mexico history, the Democratic Party mostly romped in the midtern contest held today.

Although the verdict is still out for Congressional District 2 as we write this, Dems accross the spectrum, from Melanie Stansbury in N.M. House District 28 and Abbas Akhil in N.M. House District 20 have a clear path to victory tonight, unseating their opponents while deep in Elephant territory.

And in a surprise that could have been predicted had anyone the courage, Democrat Karen Bash has apparently defeated convicted DWI offender and Republican Monica Youngblood in N.M. House District 68.

In other races
Weekly Alibi featured, Brian Colón looks golden right now in his battle to become state auditor, as does Charlene Pyskoty, who holds a substantive lead against her challenger in the BernCo Commission District 5 race.

While some important national races have gone to the GOP—including the Texas Senate seat retained by Ted Cruz—CNN has projected
victory for Democrats in the US House of Representatives. Their coming majority will essentially re-wire priorities in that legislative body, as strict oversight of the Trump regime finally begins.
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