Election News: Democracy Dollars

Quezada, Smith Vote Against Ballot Measure

Carolyn Carlson
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Commission Crushes Dollars for Democracy
Allbuquerque (Dick Lyon)
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After an hour and a half of citizen comments, a motion to place Democracy Dollars on the upcoming November 6 election ballot failed on a 2 to 2 vote for a lack of majority. Commissioner Lonnie Talbot was absent—that left Commissioners Debbie O’Malley and Maggie Hart Stebbins, who voted yes and Commissioners Steven Quezada and James Smith who gave the thumbs down.

Smith and Quezada said they had concerns about the possibility of what is called ‘logrolling”, when several disparate items are put into one ballot question. The commissioners were also concerned that there were other initiatives on the November ballot; adding more might make things too confusing for the voters, they contended.

The effects of this vote are not quite clear. Although it’s almost certain the measure will not appear on the local November ballot, it is still a successfully petitioned question that must face city voters, according to law. The city will have to determine if it will be required to hold a special election within 70 days of the upcoming general election to address the issue per city charter.
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