Election Wrap-Up

Lujan Grisham Secures Gubernatorial Nomination

August March
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Haaland Cruises to Victory
District 1 Nominee Haaland (courtesy debforcongress.com)
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In a classic primary bout that could have swung in any of five directions, after the acquiescence of City Councilor turned progressive warrior Pat Davis last week, former Democrat party bigwig, for realz progressive and bona fide Deb Haaland secured a position on the general election ballot coming up in November.

As this is being written and posted, Haaland has garnered nearly 40 percent of the vote in complex and important race to the US House of Representatives.

Further, in news that is great for Democrats seeking unity, yet a foregone conclusion for many voters, current US House District 1 Representative Michelle Lujan Grisham beat her opponents by a wide margin, scoring the nomination with nearly 67 percent of the votes counted so far tonight.

For a complete listing of primary election results, visit the BernCo election results site,
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