Election Wrap-Up

Christie Chisholm
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It’s over. Well, almost over. Tens of thousands of you marched to the polls on Election Day, determined to cast votes that would decide our state’s and country’s future. Slightly more than a week later, the results are in.

On a national level, a surge of Democratic victories swarmed the House and toppled the Senate, winning the Dems control of the legislative branch. On a local level, Democrats also emerged the victors in most races. As of press time, all but one local race was unofficially declared. The black sheep of this year’s election is the Wilson-Madrid battle, which was still undecided when we went to print. In case you missed the (quasi) final tallies, here’s a rundown of who won what.

Congressional District 1

Wilson (R):

Madrid (D):

3,756 left to count

U.S. Senator

Jeff Bingaman (D):

Allen McCulloch (R):


Bill Richardson (D): 68.7%

John Dendahl (R): 31.3%

Secretary of State

Mary Herrera (D): 54%

Vickie Perea (R): 46%

State Treasurer

James B. Lewis (D): 60.4%

Demesia Padilla (R): 39.6%

Attorney General

Gary King (D): 56.7%

Jim Bibb (R): 43.3%

Land Commissioner

Pat Lyons (R): 52%

Jim Baca (D): 48%

State Auditor

Hector Balderas (D): 54.6%

Lorenzo Garcia (R): 45.4%

Bernalillo County Sheriff

Darren White (R): 62.9%

Jose Edgar Chavez (D): 37.1%

Quality of Life Initiative

Against: 57.9%

For: 42.1%

Source: New Mexico Secretary of State’s Office

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