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I don’t even remember what issue it was in, but not so long ago I read about the frustrations of someone receiving a form letter from Heather Wilson, and an opposing view of someone receiving a personally addressed one. I’ve received both from Heather Wilson, and although I will say right now that I am wary of the woman as an elected official, I am very appreciative of her taking the time to write me a rather large letter explaining why she wasn’t in favor of the legislation I supported. It’s sad to say that not enough officials do even that much.

Trader Joe'S In Abq

At 9:30 a.m., I spent a few minutes driving around the new TJ's (Trader Joe’s) here off Paseo del Norte. Two parking spaces, with some people parked in the next lot for the credit union. Wall-to-wall people inside, and not all window shopping.

The check-out clerk said they had record sales on Friday's opening, and on Saturday. I really went there to “kick the tires” and spent about $16.83 on some great values and fine foods.

Then I went on to Albertson’s, where I was headed in the first place. When I started talking to the woman ahead of me about TJ’s, she said a second store is planned for the area around the malls at Louisiana and I-40 and on the Westside as well. Another woman jumped in to say she had TJ’s where she had lived before and missed TJ's in Albuquerque.

Looks like we got ourselves a big winner. Try to visit them, but do it on a weekday morning.

A Tip For The Standard Diner

For a Downtown hood that advertises live/work there is still no grocery or hardware store, but … there's a new diner, the Standard Diner, only there's nothing standard about it—which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

For me, diners conjure up blue-collar workers affordably slurping up an abundantly piled blue-plate special. The lack of a large board advertising the days of the week and what was offered should have prepared me for the steep, slightly offensive, prices. But after sitting quietly, awaiting my inevitably tardy companion, with a tasty glass of port—another rarity for diner fare—my sensibilities mellowed (even though a daily newspaper was nowhere to be found).

The waitress was friendly but slow to thoughtfulness. There was something stingy about the bread serving—we repeatedly requested (begged) for more.

The portions—meatloaf and potatoes for me and pot roast with exotic dipping sauces (the names of which were alien and unpronounceable to us being mere ordinary folk)–were artistically presented. Far from blue-plate-special abundance, our meals were delightfully delicious and we ’mmmmed' our way through them (aside from some tasteless broccoli).

The cost, $60 including tax and tip, is a distant cry from standard diner fare for two, but it cannot be denied, Downtown is being rapidly gentrified.

Perhaps it's just the misnomer that throws me, for we'll definitely return. After all, we promised to try some dessert next time.

Franco, Frankly

[RE: “The New Spanish Table,” March 16-22] As the son of Spaniards (Galicia and Canary Islands) that left Spain after 1939 (due to economics rather than political beliefs) I take issue with Anya von Bremzen's assertion that Spain was isolated due to Francisco Franco y Bahamonde’s regime. The fact is, Spain was boycotted by every single government in the world, except for Argentina and South Africa. We should not forget that Franco died in 1975, so whichever argument one wants to make, 31 years is enough time “to enter the picture.”

Best Of Bark-Y

Hi, here is a picture of Bruce, who I am sure is receiving votes for Best Dog [in the Alibi's Best of Burque poll]. I thought you might like to put it in there. Thanks.

Funk You

I don’t know what website your writer visited but the Grand Funk website is updated weekly. Also the song is “I’m Your Captain (Closer to Home)” not “My Captain.” Thank You.

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