Geneva Conventions

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A few weeks back, Alberto Gonzales was confirmed as the new Attorney General of the United States. Sen. Pete Domenici was one of the 60 U.S. Senators who cast a “yea” vote for Gonzales’ confirmation.

Senator Domenici issued a press release regarding his vote. According to the press release, Domenici said, “The hours of criticism about discourse within the Justice Department about the treatment of terrorists has been off-base. I find that the most authentic interpreters of the Geneva Convention conclude that it does not apply to terrorists.”

So, basically Pete Domenici is saying that if you call someone a terrorist, you can treat them any way you like, whether or not they are guilty. You can attach electrodes to their genitals, allow dogs to chew on them, put them on a leash, physically assault them and even kill them. All of these actions were listed in Red Cross witness documents and Abu Ghraib prisoner testimony. Photos of these actions were also published in the Washington Post.

So, Republicans who support Pete Domenici support torture. Now we all know exactly what Republican values are.

It's Past Your Bedtime

[RE: “All Ages Shows,” Guest Editorial; “All Over for All Ages?” Letters, March 3-9] I’d like to give Jessica Housand and Crystal Lucero credit for talking a good game, but I have a bit of a news flash for them. The reason that they have limited options for night life is … wait for it … because they are children.

If this is really about an unquenchable love for live music, how come venues like Outpost and the dozens of coffee shops, bookstores and local theaters that offer live shows can barely keep their doors open from year to year? Where are the underage music fans then? As much as I would hate to see any place have to close their doors because their audience shrank, I would really like it if some of those places were a little bit more concerned about their overage audiences.

Venues like kids because kids don’t care if you never fix your pool tables or clean your bathrooms. They’re just happy to be there. As an adult I go to work, pay my bills, fulfill my obligations, and when I’m done with my responsibilities I plunk down my hard-earned cash for an overpriced ticket so my favorite bars can lock me in a cage so a bunch of little kids can have fun playing bar. Grow up guys, and when you do, you’ll be able to do whatever you want.

We've Missed You, Don!

No matter how long since I have had sex with anyone, no matter how horny I am, I have no right to rape anyone ever! Far better for me never to have sex with anyone the rest of my life than for me to force anyone to have sex with me.

Rape is sexual war. Rape is sexual terrorism. Rape is sexual slavery. Rape is treating the other person as a thing to use and abuse with no regard for their feelings and their humanity.

Good sex is always mutual pleasure—both persons affectionately giving and receiving pleasure. I want the other person to have good memories afterward of me and our sex together. If the other person decides for whatever reason to stop at any point during sex with me, I have no right to force that person to continue for one second longer—no matter what. A million times better to leave and go pleasure oneself alone than to force the other person to continue if his or her heart is not in it. I aim never to do anything to my partner in sex that he would later fear or hate me for.

Never use force, lies, fear, booze, other drugs or threats to get sex with anyone! War, paying tax for war, rape, racism, revenge, greed, boxing, grudges … are obscene! Naked bodies making love are not obscene!!!

Making An Impact

I am stunned at what the New Mexico Home Builders are saying at the Roundhouse this year. They say the city’s impact fees are going to make affordable housing a thing of the past in Albuquerque. This is how they justify asking the legislators to change the state impact fee law so that the city will, in turn, have to go back to the drawing board and revise its impact fee program and reduce the impact fees that developers will have to pay.

Come on! Their concerns aren't about affordable housing. Their motives are about greed, pure and simple. This is about making a profit and letting the city and its residents pick up the bill for rushed and irresponsible development.

We know the state law already allows the city to reduce impact fees for affordable housing projects. Don’t they know that?

Thompson Remembered

[RE: “A Bullet to the End,” Web Exclusive, March 3-9] What an amazing story! Thank you so much for sharing those words with us.

I miss Hunter S. Thompson, and I never met him in person. I feel as though I’ve lost a friend. I have been a fan since I was a kid believe it or not. He made me laugh right off the bat. I’d laugh right out loud and people would turn to see what was so funny. He would make me cry, he would make me think.

In your story you said, “the day we saw his face with two dates under it on CNN. We’d then both laughed, shrugging off the grim thought and said he most likely would outlive us all. And then he was gone. Poof. Like a book falling off a shelf was how the sound was described by his only child, adult son, Juan Thompson.” And I found this so interesting because the day after it happened, I went to a bookstore to “be” with Hunter. I pulled a book off the shelf, but instead of looking at the book I found myself looking at the void it had left. Hunter has left a void but he has also left a legacy and with wonderful people like you to share it—the void will not be as intense.

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