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Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Monday, April 16: The head of Albuquerque’s 311, the city’s non-emergency information service, resigned today. Michael Padilla was accused of creating a hostile work environment and insulting lady employees, allegations that Padilla has denied. The call center was taken over by former second in command, quality and training manager Esther Tenenbaum.

Tuesday, April 17: In an exciting turn of events, the lesser prairie chicken was reported to be making a return to the Eastern part of the state, thanks to the efforts of environmental group The Nature Conservancy. A representative from the prairie chickens said the birds were happy to have their habitat back, at least 18,500 acres of it, and are hopeful they can live in harmony with their predators, namely landowners. Very few of the chickens also live in Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma and Kansas. Not much other news today, except fines for talking on a cell phone while driving went into effect.

Wednesday, April 18: Not much actual new old news today, but through a posting on a U.K. travel site, I learned that last month, with the help of the state Tourism Department, an organization called New Mexico Golf Tourism Alliance was formed. This group is basically a marketing cooperative aimed at attracting out-of-state golf tourism. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t we live in a desert? With a serious water shortage? Wouldn’t it be bad if the state were a golf destination?

Thursday, April 19: With today came the announcement that the U.S. Postal Service will hire 75 new employees in New Mexico (Albuquerque and Bernallilo in all likelihood). According to the Associated Press, last winter the Postal Service’s hot line was deluged with complaints about mail problems, and 75 new mailmen should surely get us back on track.

Friday, April 20: The only truly exciting thing that happened today (besides the lauded stoner holiday of 4/20) was the opening of the Rail Runner stop at Second Street and Rio Bravo in the South Valley. Now some folks in the South Valley can commute to Downtown, the North Valley, Bernallilo, Los Lunas or, hell, even Belen.

Weekend: Sunday was Earth Day. I celebrated by golfing at one of New Mexico’s 11 four-star courses.

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