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Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Monday, April 23: Today we found out via a press release from the governor’s office that Albuquerque City Councilor Martin Heinrich is taking a leave of absence from his post as state Natural Resources Trustee to consider a congressional run against Leather Heather. Since Wilson won re-election to the U.S. house by the narrowest of margins in 2006, and has since been named in the Iglesias scandal, some folks think 2008 will be the year Wilson’s reign of doom is brought to an end.

Tuesday, April 24: Not much news today, except for the announcement that two new elementary schools will be built on the Westside. The schools are slated to be opened by January 2009. I don’t know about you, but I hope the Westside just keeps on growing. It’s fun to pay for the schools and roads needed to support shitty developments of cookie-cutter homes made from plywood. Let’s hear it for the future ghettos of Albuquerque!

Wednesday, April 25: Today represents a double assault on aesthetics. First, we learned that the governor approved a boring design for the New Mexico quarter. The 25-cent piece will feature an outline of the state’s exciting square shape with the Zia Pueblo’s sun symbol overlapping the top half of the square. The second attack was significantly more depressing, as some morons tagged the Petroglyphs with silver spray paint.

Thursday, April 26: Tonight, Richardson took on other Democratic presidential hopefuls and did all right. There’s no doubt about it, though: He looks bad on camera.

Friday, April 27: Another week, another Rail Runner station opens. This week ushered in the train’s seventh station, opened in downtown Bernalillo.

Weekend: The first launch from the state’s spaceport was covered by news agencies around the world this weekend. That’s due to the highly novel, verging on comical, news that the ashes of actor James Doohan, Scotty from “Star Trek,” were shot into space, along with the ashes of about 200 others. None of the agencies, however, dared to discuss why people are having their remains shot into space.

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