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Simon McCormack
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Still No Charges for Krazy Kat
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The state Attorney General’s Office confiscated 7,400 CDs from Krazy Kat Records in late July.

The AG’s Office suspected the disks had been illegally duplicated, but two months later, no charges have been filed.

AG spokesperson Phil Sisneros says sifting through that many CDs takes time. "We’re still going through evidence," Sisneros says. "We’re in the process of determining exactly what we have." Sisneros would not speculate on if charges would be filed or when.

Krazy Kat co-owner Charla Stange declined to comment due to advice from her attorney David Freedman, who says he thinks it’s best for the Attorney General’s Office takes its time. "I still believe there isn’t a case here," Freedman says. "But I hope they act carefully and deliberately before they make any kind of decision."

In July, Freedman told the
Alibi the public shouldn’t rush to judge Krazy Kat. "There’s no doubt that there are serious questions as to whether or not my client knowingly disseminated any material contrary to law," Freedman said. "The fact that they carted off a bunch of CDs doesn’t, in and of itself, mean anything."

Under state law, every seven duplicated CDs sold count as a fourth-degree felony, which can carry a sentence of 18 months in prison per charge.

The Attorney General’s Office began investigating Krazy Kat eight months ago after a competing store called to complain about illegally burned CDs. The AG’s office partnered with the Recording Industry Association of America after the RIAA offered to help with the investigation.
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