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Upon reading Don’s letter (“Don Schrader v. Jimmy Carter,” Oct 6-12), I realized what an ignoramus Don really is. He forces himself to live in a country that he detests, complains constantly about Americans and how we live, yet refuses to do anything to help change the country! “Now I vote for no one for president or Congress.” Blatantly disregarding the process which allows him to live the way he does. Don, freedom isn’t free. How can Mr. Schrader even consider himself to be an American citizen? By not voting and not paying taxes you are not contributing to the society in which you reside. You have no right to bitch about anything that anyone does in this country. You don’t even vote.

Bad Ads

Well, the Living Wage vote has come and gone, and what looked like a win early on turned into a loss by around 1400 votes. First of all, thank you to all Albuquerqueans who voted in support of rewarding hard work. But everyone is accountable for their actions, and if we look at the campaign finance reports, we can see that the opposition (known by many names, such as the National Restaurant Association Emergency Fund and stopthedeception.org) spent more than $100,000 on Rick Johnson & Company advertising.

Now, we don’t really expect advertising to be ethical, or even honest, but in this case the deceit-filled fear-mongering mailers that were sent out to voters effectively took food out of the mouths of Albuquerque children. Lying in commercials and mailers about how strangers will come into your children’s schools and making untrue claims about the organizations supporting the living wage is a pretty sad way for graphic designers to earn a living. I feel sorry for all of the creative people at Rick Johnson who feel they have no other way to get by.

The Bus Is Bloody Fabulous

[RE: Newscity, “Get On the Bus,” Christie Chisholm, Oct. 6-12] As a daily rider on the Rapid Ride, I would like to write in response to Ramsey Rose’s comments. I ride twice daily and the buses are always full. Previously, I rode the 66 bus, and the Rapid Ride is a vast improvement. The Rapid Ride is fast, clean, comfortable and cheap. While not perfect (we could do with a later running schedule), the Rapid Ride is bloody fabulous. Let's not knock Albuquerque when we take a step in the right direction.

Another Brownie In A Dress

Pushing cronyism to a new low, the prez has insulted the American people once again by attempting to replace the esteemed Justice Sandra Day O’Connor with only an attorney whose main claim to fame may have been keeping her most famous client out of moron’s prison. From my perspective, Miers is just another Brownie in a dress.

6 Of 9

No matter how you analyze it to Martin “Little Caesar” Chavez’s best advantage, only 30 percent of registered voters took part in the election, with 70 percent being too disgusted and jaded to think their votes meant anything (courtesy of all the sleazy politicians we have here in New Mexico).

Of the 30 percent that did vote, 53 percent, a clear majority, did not want Chavez as mayor.

Sometimes I think the Ross Perots, the Eric Griegos, etc., are deliberately encouraged to run by certain politicians who can then “divide” the clear majority opposition facing them and thus “conquer” the vote. If the voters of this city had any brains, they would have voted en masse for Steele, who has a clear grasp of the corruption extant, and one of the main purveyors of that corruption, the Albuquerque Police Department. Alas, the best man (or woman) hardly ever wins!

Tripping On The Petroglyphs

[RE: Newscity, “Land Swap,” Christie Chisholm, Sept. 1-7] The battle on the hill over the anti-Petroglyph Road is sounding all too familiar in the history of culture. Myth originates in dreams and the imagination of individuals. When the product of one person or one group’s fantasies attempts to erase the mythology of a whole group, in this case Mayor Chavez and his developers, it can offset the complete balance and affect entire cultures living in this territory. The wholeness of the native universe is reflected in the many ceremonies and myths that are recreated in their own communities and are direct offshoots of the emergence story that exists up on that hill.

So what is our connection to it all? Can the youth of our culture have an opportunity to dream in ancient symbol: music, dance, poetry and philosophy? By respecting what grows organically out of cultures, like costumes, theater, masks and songs, and seeing art and ritual as essential in our daily lives, we could save a whole generation from isolation and unnecessary violence.

It’s very simple; we are inventive, prolific creatures and we are here to do just that. Like Bob Dylan sings, “I need a dump truck baby to unload my head.” Each one of us has giant worlds spinning inside, but when we have only one world outside to put that energy into, we start encroaching on other people’s space and that’s when it gets unhealthy.

Art is a universal language, building bridges for true understanding, helping us to become more homogeneous. Artistic endeavors help humans practice discipline and push our drives into healthier outlets. Art simulates imagination, and the way this world is heading, we could use prodigious, original expression to steer us away from those dark ages.

Let’s remind ourselves that [in the past] students were expected to take a discipline like music or dance for a more balanced curriculum. So, parents, if you are afraid your science-minded kid is going to follow in the footsteps of Mick Jagger, who’ll be a rocker till he’s 120, you should be so lucky. You’re probably worrying for nothing, though. If anything, music will help him survive this insane world and it may be the apple that hits him on the head to make a connection to a universal truth.

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