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Just a quick note to tell you that you helped me.

Before last year, prior to
2007’s Best of Burque Restaurants, after I left my doctor’s offices, I usually went to a fast-food place to eat. Eight different doctors. Bad, bad, bad.

So, using your BoB Restaurants, look how many new, better places I go to now. Pretty good, eh?

Thank you.

Letters Fifty Bucks For A New World

Regarding last week’s The Real Side [Oct. 2-8], I find a lot of fault with this article. “Buddy, Can You Spare Some Change We Can Believe In?” You bet! After seven and a half years of the Bush regime […] we are involved in a war and an occupation costing more than $10 billion a month. Unemployment’s at runaway highs, while thousands lose their houses in a never-before-seen foreclosure runaway. We have seen in the past week a stock market crash with many people losing their investments and retirement accounts. This country is in such bad shape, China will no longer loan us money. We are broke, divided and deregulated thanks to Bush and Cheney and their friends. Yes, I can spare $50 to change this broken government and get it back on track.

Letters Freaks And State Fair Geeks

I’m compelled to respond to the article “Fear, Pity and Loathing at the State Fair” [The Radford Files, Sept. 25-Oct. 1].

Persons exhibiting themselves in sideshows are there of their own free volition. I’ve never seen a job listing seeking persons with physical anomalies or any other type of “handicap.” Employment for these people is as good as nonexistent.

A case in point on this issue is the late musician Wesley Willis. This homeless and profoundly schizophrenic man made a name for himself doing something he loved—making and performing music. The question of exploitation reared its head. But he was truly happy and his quality of life was greatly improved by his income. I feel it also brought positive, needed attention to his condition. Nothing bad came of the unusual opportunity presented to him.

These “freaks” may never have had several of their life experiences were it not for the unusual jobs they’ve taken. Disability income provides for bare necessities of living. With opportunities in all areas limited to them, why is their choice of work “exploitative”? Technically, anyone with a job is being “exploited.”

Fair officials and other bleeding-heart crybabies should speak to these people about their lives and employment. Actually, the whiners should live a “freak’s” life for a year. The sideshow attractions historically predate carnivals and fairs (as we know them) and, yes, even the circus!

The do-gooders here need to find a better cause to champion. They also need to learn what is exploitation vs. self-determination for the “freak” society.

Letters You Betcha

Jason Darensburg’s letter [ “NeoPalin,” Sept. 25-Oct. 1] beating up Sarah Palin reflects a shocking lack of history for a UNM student and a willingness to viciously attack a fine public servant. He said Palin "hates women and loves war" without offering one shred of proof to support that statement. Never in her 16 years of elected office has she advocated legislation that would deny women their rightful place in society or retract their rights. Palin has been an advocate for women and children as governor. How Darensburg concludes she "loves war" is a mystery as he offers no statements supporting his babble. Palin is the commander of the Alaska National Guard and the mom of a son in the Army. Being a proud parent is exemplary, not the sign of a "loves war" person.

Three factors make her qualified to be the V.P.

1) She is a woman of integrity and honesty.

2) She listens to advisors and makes decisions as an executive must.

3) She has a track record of opposing "pork" and "good old boy back-scratching," even when it is in her party.

The history issue is simple: A fine president was a V.P. who had no foreign policy experience, never administered a budget and only met with the president once after their election. Eighty-four days after being sworn in as V.P., Harry Truman became president. Palin shares his integrity but has more real-world experience than Truman possessed.

The silly statements Darensburg made about McCain selecting her because she is a babe reflects an inability to define real reasons why Palin is not qualified. The older women of the Republican Party are tainted by Washington, the cause of many of our national problems. I am glad to see a woman in public office who wipes runny noses, changes diapers and decided that an unborn child is a precious child, worthy of life, even if he has special needs. Our nation is better when everyday people are in public office.

Letters Good Column

[Re: The Real Side, “Buddy, Can You Spare Some Change We Can Believe In?” Oct. 2-8] This makes me sick. It’s such a huge waste, and supposedly commercials don’t really affect people’s opinions much, anyway. So you lament the waste but you don’t offer any solutions to the problem. Maybe there aren’t any. I think it would be great if advertising money was somehow removed from politics. But that would sort of be like inhibiting free speech. It would be great if lobbyists were illegal, but again, same problem.

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