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The cover of this issue [March 5-11] was appalling! With domestic abuse in New Mexico at epidemic proportions and macho attitudes inflamed by a bad economy, it is too bad that the Alibi has to encourage this behavior with its cover artwork. You owe battered women and children of Albuquerque an apology.


Editor’s Note: The Alibi received a few phone calls last week with similar responses to our cover. We chose the image of former Arts Editor Amy Dalness getting fake-punched in her stunt class because it best illustrates her article, “Bruised, Bloody and Bushy Tailed,” which is about a woman breaking into the predominantly male stunt industry. Dalness responds: “The cover image is actually representative of a very progressive ideal in the stunt industry that women fighters be treated as fighters and not somehow more fragile than men.” We didn’t intend to condone domestic violence or insult anyone experiencing it.

Letters A Crazy Little Thing Called Hate

Let’s be clear. Conservative Christians are mean and cruel and they hate gays, lesbians and transgenders. It is not enough for these people that when we die we are all going to an eternal place where we will be tormented, burned and tortured for all time, but they want to be sure that our lives here on Earth are as miserable as they can make them.

By opposing the domestic partner bill moving through this session of the New Mexico Legislature, they are saying they want to
deny same-sex couples the right to visit their partner in the hospital, and deny them the right of medical decisions for their partner, or deny them the right of inheritance. This is not only evidence of their meanness but proof that they hate us.

The religious right keeps saying that they love gays, you know, just like they love murderers and rapists. But they have never sought to remove health care in the prisons or to deny prisoners family visits. No, they reserve a special brand of their hate for gays, lesbians and trans people.

They also keep saying, “We love the sinner but hate the sin.” In other words, they are saying they have the divine talent to somehow separate the person from the actions these persons do that they hate—like two guys kissing, and drag shows, and transsexualism, and having sex in creative ways.

No, they do not love us at all, they really hate us. The world would be so much simpler if they would just admit that.

Letters Tidd Wars

A few years ago, the public was outraged by the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in that infamous eminent domain case where the city took Suzette Kelo’s house and turned it over to a private developer for economic development. Why aren’t New Mexicans outraged today when our state legislators are considering taking our tax dollars and giving them to a private developer in the name of economic development? SunCal’s TIDDs. Isn’t it one and the same?

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