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More than ever, New Mexico, as well as the rest of the country, needs to make a transition into a clean energy economy to address the threats of global warming and to help repair our flailing economy. Now we have that opportunity. President Obama’s budget lays out a framework for action not only to address global warming but also to stimulate our economy. President Obama’s budget will strengthen our national security by reducing our dependence on oil, helping to revitalize our economy with good, green jobs and protecting future generations in New Mexico from having to deal with the damage that previous generations have imposed on our planet. Science tells us that if we do not act soon then it will be too late. I, personally, would like to thank Rep. Martin Heinrich for supporting President Obama’s budget in the House of Representatives, as well as Sen. Udall for supporting the president’s budget in the Senate. I hope that they continue to make global warming and clean energy a priority.

Letters Every Christian For Herself

[Re: Letters, “What Would Jesus Do?” April 9-15] I must considerately question Shannon Wagers’ motives in writing her letter in response to Virginia Stephenson’s. First of all, in Virginia’s letter, she singled out conservative Christians as a way to point out the fact that not all Christians are full of hate. Furthermore, she did not engage in “name calling.” She didn’t call them big old meanies. She charged that their blatant hypocrisy (exemplified in the way they vehemently go after the LGBT community over other sects of “sinners” specifically referred to in the Bible) was in fact indicative of an obvious personal bias against these people. For me, it was so nice to hear someone actually have the guts to publicly call a spade a spade. It encouraged me to go out and find a place to volunteer for the LGBT community.

Your letter, in essence slapping Virginia’s wrists for speaking her mind, is, simply put, a personal grandstand that further divides the LGBT community. Your words may seem like a more “loving” approach to the problem. However, they sound empty, like repeated sound bites from a moderate news show. While the tone of Virginia’s letter may not have been to your liking, it was one of the few times I can remember feeling like someone else felt the way I felt: frustrated and powerless against the way the public debate of LGBT rights is shaped in this country. Reading your letter depressed me. It seems you felt you had some moral obligation to prove to the conservative Christians that their fear is justified.

In the future, don’t stand up for the Christians, stand up for people who need it. The Christians have plenty of people and plenty of pulpits to stand up for them. They don’t need us standing up for them, too.


CORRECTION: In the Annual Report supplement to the March 5–11 issue of the Weekly Alibi , Lois Prinz of the Center for Hypnosis said that she was the "only complementary medical hypnotist in New Mexico." That remark sparked a flurry of angry letters from all the other complementary medical hypnotists in New Mexico. Ms. Prinz apologizes for the misstatement. She meant to say that, to her knowledge, she is the only National Guild of Hypnotists certified complementary medical hypnotist practitioner in New Mexico.

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