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My name is Sage and I am 14 years old, I ride BMX at Duke City BMX track. I read the article titled “BMX Track: Move It or Lose It” [Re: Council Watch, May 7-13]. I noticed a comment in your article that said neighbors were protesting the dust and noise caused by the track. If the track wasn’t there, there would still be a dusty dirt lot. And in addition to a dirt lot there would still be a bright and noisy baseball stadium in the neighborhood.

The BMX track is the largest in North America, bringing revenue to the state with national events. It provides a safe and structured area for kids younger and older to participate in a social and recreational activity.

I hope the city councilors will take my ideas and opinions into consideration.

Letters Live Long And Prosper

[Re: Letters, "Grin and Bear It," May 21-27] The author is very misguided. I never said I had insurance, which is another reason I don’t want to pay the additional expense. I happen to believe in preventive care so I can live a long, healthy life. I suggest the author move into a house painted with lead paint, asbestos insulation, aluminum wiring, situated on a landfill and in close proximity to a coal mine so he can clear his lungs before mining said coal.

Live long and prosper at least long as you can.

Letters Military Might

For decades, members of the American military were afraid their wee-wees would fall off if females were allowed to serve in any capacity that did not include a nurse’s cap or a typewriter. Now they are afraid their manhood is endangered by the inclusion of men and women who are attracted to their own sex.

If their problem is with some personal idea of morality, how do they feel about the many men serving in Iraq who have raped their female co-workers? How do they feel about their buddies who are cheating on their wives while serving away from home?

While the president, the Pentagon and Congress dance around the "don’t ask, don’t tell" policy, valuable members of our stretched-to-the-limit armed forces are being lost to the irrationality of homophobia.

Get a grip!

Letters At Bullhead

A decaying memorial to the men of the U.S. Bullhead, lost in action in 1944, is now a monument to the indifference and neglect of Albuquerque’s Parks Department, and shame on them. The stucco of the memorial is crumbling, cracking, and the metal plaque with the men’s names on it is tarnished with white mold. This condition dishonors the submariners and needs to be rectified immediately.

These young men never had a chance to have families or the joy of grandchildren but they did leave a memorial of their sacrifice for the future, a place where people could show their respect, wish them peace and to say, You are remembered.

I took flowers to the Bullhead Memorial that honors these young men, our heroes, on Memorial Day.

I am going to contact veterans’ organizations and political representatives to seek their support in getting the Bullhead Memorial repaired.

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