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El Machete’s "The Cost of War" [June 4-10] cartoon speaks volumes about the expanding war on Afghanistan. I recently gave a couple of lectures in New Mexico and used it to illustrate the folly of Washington’s policy. Viva El Machete!


To say we New Mexicans are bad drivers would be falsely crediting us with a rudimentary grasp of the subject. Sure there are New Mexicans in vehicles moving about. But what the hell we are doing is anyone’s guess. We may be writing the great American novel. Whatever we’re doing, it sure ain’t driving.

So now they want to install streetcars? I lived in California when both San Jose and Sacramento got light rail. These cities saw an initial surge of dozens of collisions of rail cars and motor vehicles.

These accidents leveled off once California drivers learned to share the road with railcars. But in Albuquerque? We cant even share the road with each other let alone a streetcar. And let’s not forget the pedestrians. There goes ol’ Joe Six Pack jaywalking ’cross Central—CLANG CLANG SMOOOOSH went the trolley! Streetcars in Albuquerque: Just add alcohol and you got chile con carnage!

Frankly, I just don’t see Albuquerque’s small population as warranting a streetcar line. Maybe down the road when we reach 700,000.

I think planners and citizens need to consider this safety aspect of this issue.

Letters Surfing 101

Once the swell has begun there is no stopping the ensuing wave. Ladies and gentlemen of the American public, be you liberal or conservative, we are in a swell of change. The inevitable wave will be massive. Embrace the spirit of the surfer; ride the wave or be lost to sea.

The greatest of changes we face, the “Big Kahuna,” if you will, is the transformation from oil and coal to renewable and self-sustaining energy sources. Our pace of energy consumption cannot be sustained much longer, as already illustrated by a thousand persons more studied than I. This is not a problem without recourse—the solution is known! Do your part, citizen, and support initiatives in environmental technologies. Embrace change and ride the wave.

Letters Well-Oiled

President Obama has called to Congress to send him legislation to repower America. Fortunately, we have the tools, technology and desire for a clean energy economy. The main thing that stands in our way is Big Oil and other big polluters who have hired more than 2,000 lobbyists to stop Obama’s clean energy plan. It’s up to us to make sure that we beat these big polluters; our future depends on it.

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