On Death

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One of your managing editors, Laura Marich [sic], in referring to Michael Jackson’s death [Music to Your Ears, “The Man in the Mirror,” July 2-8], has the unbelievable balls to write that “I was relieved to hear he’s died …" [sic]? Are there any other early deaths that might make your daily trials easier, Laura? Insensitive, rude, uncouth, the list goes on. I may not always like the Alibi’s editorial stance and writing, but would I be glad if any of you died? God, no! Live long and prosper, and keep writing rude, shitty, disrespectful pieces! Get a grip. A famous person died an early death, don’t go on record saying that you are “relieved … ” So bogus. So rude. So shallow. So embarrassing.


Editor’s Note: The full sentence Laura Marrich wrote was: "In a way, I was relieved to hear he’d died; the way you feel after a long-suffering relative passes." She is not glad that Michael Jackson, or anyone, has to die.

Letters On The Death Of Bookstores

There used to be a number of locally owned independent bookstores in the University area. It’s probably a coincidence that the last ones closed shortly after a greatly expanded UNM Bookstore moved from the center of campus, where it was convenient for the students, to Central and Cornell, where it was convenient for everybody. Some of the used bookstores have been run out of the area and out of Nob Hill by the greatly increased rents due to gentrification.

So if I want books I have three choices: drive a few miles to a chain store in the mall; drive a much longer distance up to Page One; or order them online and let the Postal Service pay for the gas. What would you do in my place?

Letters On Health

[Re: Ortiz y Pino, “For Your Health,” July 9-15] Hats off to Ortiz y Pino for pointing out the need to eliminate the middle man for true health care reform. Middle men have also inserted themselves between health care professionals and hospitals to exploit New Mexico’s personnel shortage. These are the employment agencies, especially the temp outfits, who keep an unconscionable percentage of, say, a nurse’s wages for themselves. Then there are all these training schools for aides, assistants and lab techs, who get rich from both sides: students and hospitals. Such middle men would not exist in single-payer because there would be no shortage. All professionals could be paid by the government in a much more standardized system of employment, with training offered complete with stipend in state universities.

Letters On Energy

Acting on the threat of global warming is a step this country can’t afford not to make. The realities of our energy dilemma and environmental crisis become clearer every day. The United States House of Representatives made a crucial and historical step recently by passing the American Clean Energy and Security Act. I’d like to commend my Rep. Martin Heinrich for strongly supporting this bill despite criticism. Addressing global warming and our impact on the environment shows his concern for our future and an ability to ignore powerful opposition from special interests. I now urge Sens. Tom Udall and Jeff Bingaman to do the same as this bill passes through the Senate. We just finished celebrating the birth of our country, now let us celebrate its longevity.


CORRECTION: In the July 2-8 issue of the Alibi , we incorrectly credited one of the photos in the News Profile "Caged Warfare." The photograph should have been credited to Eric Williams. The Alibi regrets the error.

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