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I never had it in my head to vote for Mayor Marty, but especially not after today. I got ANOTHER campaign recording phone call to MY BUSINESS and it tied up my line after I hung up. I’m pretty sure it is illegal to call from a blocked line to a number on the Do Not Call list (the Caller ID said 505-000-0000) and have the recording not release the line for some time after hanging up. I can’t add blocked lines to my call rejection service, but I can reject Mayor Marty when I vote.

Letters Say Yes To Libraries (In A Low Voice)

Most of us enter one of our 17 public libraries with great expectations. We go to check out a book, CD or DVD, use a computer, browse, or perhaps to attend one of the myriad of programs offered. Others may prefer visiting the library via the Internet to use one of the scores of databases, reserve or renew materials, access homework help, or download material to an MP3 player. Our expectations are met and our trip [is] a success.

We expect a great deal from our libraries; up-to-date materials and resources, working computers, and well-maintained buildings among many things. The question is: Do we take our public library system for granted? Providing for these necessities is not cheap! The expense for library needs is met with city, county and state bonds. In the upcoming city election on Tuesday, Oct. 6, voters who live in Albuquerque will be asked to approve a $5.1 million library bond for the purpose of purchasing materials, electronic resources, updating automation equipment, and building maintenance and renovation for the next two years. Taxes will NOT increase. Without this bond, acquisition of materials and other stated needs will not be possible.

I urge the voters of Albuquerque to show their strong support for our public libraries as voters have done in previous elections. Please vote YES for the library bond on Oct. 6. Keep our expectations alive.

Letters Dubious Letters

I received letters from two separate health insurance companies wanting me to fight against health care reform. These letters try to both frighten me and appeal to greed to get me to write to my congressmen against the health bill. I’m sure most seniors on Medicare received similar letters.

These tactics are unscrupulous. Insurance companies are not interested in the welfare of seniors. They want to protect their profits. What they present in these letters is false and does not represent the facts.


Correction: In last week’s City Boss Fight, "A Challenge From the Left," [Sept. 10-16], the development project of SunCal was misidentified. SunCal bought the Westland Development in 2006. Forest City Covington is building Mesa Del Sol. The error was made in reporting.

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