¡Viva Health Care!

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I am a student who works 60 hours a week and I cannot afford health care. To those who will say that a public option will encourage people to "stay on welfare" or "give deadbeats another handout," I would ask you to consider my position. I pay taxes and I work hard, and I am not an exception. Call it socialism, call it communism, call it whatever you want. If it means that every person can see a doctor when they’re sick or hurt, if it means that families won’t have to choose between groceries or medicine, then I will happily support a socialist medical system with my taxes. I urge everyone to contact your representatives and demand that they provide a public option for the working-class. Let them know that health care is not a luxury, it is a human right.

Letters ¡Viva Public Option!

When will President Obama and those Democratic corporate prostitutes in Congress realize the price Americans will pay for their mythical "bipartisan support" and their slobbering over campaign funding? Thousands more will die, tens of thousands more will go bankrupt and lose their homes, hundreds of thousands will have a life that will have anything but "quality."

The richest, smartest, most powerful democracy in the world can’t do what a tiny communist island in the Caribbean did long ago. Wake up, grow up and write a bill that contains a viable public option and offers coverage to all Americans for a price that will not have them living on the streets.

Letters ¡Viva Recycling!

[Re: News, “(Un)Green in the Q," Sept. 17-23] The question was posed: "Would the city recycle more if it were easier?"

I teach in a middle-school on the Westside, and on behalf of the students and staff in my school, I can say "yes!" We currently have one dumpster for cardboard and paper, which is owned and serviced by a private contractor. This is a nice place to begin the recycling effort, but APS appears to have no official means for us (and I assume other schools as well) to recycle the considerable volume of plastic (Gatorade) and aluminum (Red Bull) that our school of almost 1,000 students and staff generates each week. Unless individual teachers are willing to collect and carry off those materials on their own time, they go straight into the dumpsters bound for the landfill. Let’s not forget when we talk about "the city," "pilot programs" and "homeowners" in regards to recycling, we should also be including APS.  Ninety-thousand students (future homeowners), all of whom would benefit from learning about recycling by seeing it happen thoughtfully and thoroughly in their schools. So how about it, APS?

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