Health Care For All Americans

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It seems to me that many of the right-wing conservatives fare wonderfully well under Medicare and Medicaid, not to mention Social Security. I ask them to name one human service program sponsored by the right-wing, throughout American history, that has bettered their lives?

In fact, the programs that I mentioned above spend less than a third of what big business insurance companies spend on the maintenance of their health care programs. Why? Because corporations are in the health insurance business for profit. When I say profit, I mean unfair, exorbitant profit.

Those of us who prefer government programs to the big business insurance company rip-offs would be happy if all the right-wingers would reject Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

They could have their wish. Big business would be their sole provider and they wouldn’t have to put up with government programs.

Finally, our government is us. I for one am happy to see the party of the people back in office. I only hope that it can win decent health care for all Americans, over the horrible tactics of defamation, hate and ignorance from the right.

Letters Roll Call

Who is standing between Mr. Romero and Mr. Cadigan on your current cover [“2009 Election Guide,” Sept. 24-30]?


Editor’s Note: On the Election Guide cover, the candidates who appear are as follows, from left to right: Richard Romero, Don Harris, Isaac Benton and Michael Cadigan. The Alibi endorses them for this year’s municipal election on Tuesday, Oct. 6. Read why at alibi.com.

Letters Inane Drivel

In the 17 or so years I’ve wasted reading your biased and relatively uninformed bullshit, I have yet to make a comment. However, the El Machete [comic strip] of Sept. 24 has to be the most twisted and ridiculous piece of shit you have ever published. Even in your cretinous, smoke-soaked brains, you must be able to distinguish between the "poor and huddled masses," who arrive after a long wait with the proper documentation, and those drug dealers, murderers and other criminals who sneak in. I’m disgusted that you play such simple-minded games with those ignorant college children who hang on your every inane utterance.

I spent my year in Vietnam to defend your right to publish such drivel, but back then, we thought the press may still have had some objectivity. They fooled us then and you assholes have certainly taken up the gauntlet. If I thought there was anything but shock value behind any of your ranting, maybe I’d try to continue reading the
Alibi , but that last El Machete was too much. I’m pretty sure none of you will give a shit, but I’m not going to pick up your rag again … I’m sure my wife will continue to read the paper, while we wait for lunch.

I said … good day.

Letters Picture Perfect

[Re: Gallery Preview, "A Natural Bond," Sept. 24-30] If a picture is worth a thousand words, this writer deserves a wonderful picture! I can’t wait to see the show to see if the artist does justice to the reviewer.

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