Resistance To Regulation

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Can elected officials be moved to change their positions on gun regulation? Possibly, but what intervention might work?

Rational, humanitarian, moral and ethical arguments have not made a difference. Money, NRA money in particular, appears to be the difference in maintaining a pro gun stance.

Since money is the key, I propose the following:

—Pro gun regulation contributors to political campaigns offer to match NRA contributions with the condition that the office holder/candidate actively and publicly advocate for greater regulation of firearms.

—If the office holder/candidate declines, he/she is established as prostitute.

—If the office holder/candidate accepts, he/she is established as a hypocrite.

Then the choice for the voter is to decide whether supporting a prostitute or a hypocrite is in the best interests of public safety.

Better to focus on reversing Citizens United and reduce the influence of money in elections.

We must cast our votes for principled, ethical and humane candidates who will preserve and protect our values.

Letters: Schrader Makes Sense Schrader Makes Sense

In response to Mr. Robertson’s rather “short” letter, asking what is the deal with this Don Schrader? I’m curious to know: Does Mr. Robertson even know that (Don Schrader) at one time had his own TV platform and was very honest and “open” with his views about many personal topics? (FSTV Ch. 27)

Don Schrader is a very outspoken and caring person. Although I never have met Mr. Schrader, I think he has just as much right to continuously submit his letters to the
Alibi. Live and let live would be my advice to Mr. Robertson. And as Don Schrader once said, “Live simply. Live without any hate towards people—whoever they may be.” Makes sense to me.

Letters: Best (Biased) Of Burque Best (Biased) Of Burque

Currently I think the Alibi seems to no longer be a reputable source for information, and with this new Best of Burque 2018 I absolutely know it’s a biased hoax survey paid into by those companies which pay the most for their ads and your company loses out in its original integrity of providing the community with credible up and coming businesses. Huge disappointment. We all know what it’s about now; money trains rather than honest representation.

Letters: Editor’s Response Editor’s Response

Wait a minute. There are money trains involved in BoB? Where the hell are those things pulling up? Nobody told me about them. Why are we out of coffee in the office if there are freakin’ money trains? … Seriously, though: For the first round of BoB voting, we asked readers to log their votes for anything and everything. Those votes were tabulated by the national online polling company Second Street, with the top five vote-getters in each category proceeding to the second round of voting. Once readers weigh in on the second round, we’ll post the final results. That’s all there is too it. More than 3,000 of our readers have already submitted their opinions. You have until March 13 to sway the vote in favor of your favorite local businesses, people and destinations—so get voting!

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