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If you didn’t know, there’s an election coming up on Tuesday, November 5th. New Mexicans will head to the polls on that day to decide on a range of offices and issues—everything from school board members and city councilors, to bond questions and ballot questions, depending on where you live.

Early voting is already underway and runs until Saturday, November 2nd, with Election Day on Tuesday, November 5th.

Like in every election, you must be registered to vote in order to cast a ballot. In this year’s election, eligible voters can register to vote or update their existing registration and cast their ballot on the same day (known as “same day voter registration”) at their County Clerk’s office on any day during the early voting period.

If you wait until Election Day to vote, however, then you will need to already be registered before you show up at the polls.

Some County Clerks will offer additional sites where voters can register to vote and vote on the same day for this election. Visit NMVOTE.ORG or check with your County Clerk for more information, to find your nearest polling place, and to see if your County Clerk is providing additional same day voter registration locations.

Voting is one of the most important ways we can impact our communities. Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver and everyone here at the Secretary of State’s Office encourages you to make your voice heard and vote in this election. Happy voting!

Letters: Ditch Football Ditch Football

It’s time to call it. Get rid of the Lobo football team and beg Fishbein to come back. Put in a real soccer stadium and introduce the Lobo soccer team to United. No-brainer guys. Put on your helmets and get in the game.

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