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Today a letter from the Albuquerque Housing Authority (AHA) was placed on the doors of residents at 701 Fifth Street SW. It states, “As part of AHA efforts to reduce water consumption and expenses, a lock was placed on the hose bib today. Please do not make any efforts to remove this lock as it will cause significant damage. Residents will be financially responsible for any damages that happen as a result of removal of hose bib locks.”

Attempting to curtail water waste is a worthy undertaking. However, it is unworthy to hold the weakest part of a community to standards not expected of any other resident in the city. I speak of the poor, elderly and handicapped, of those living in apartments managed by AHA across the city. Until all city residents are subjected to locks on hose bibs to curtail water consumption, it is the height of discrimination to inflict it on the weakest members of the community.

However by fixing what is broken, water consumption can be alleviated. For two years, a neighbor has repeatedly reported a faucet leak. She catches water in a bucket and recycles two gallons a day, others have the same complaint. For months calls were made to AHA reporting a leaking air conditioner causing mold. It took letters from an attorney to get the issue resolved. Yes, water consumption is high here. How many times was the water turned off to repair broken water pipes last year? How many gallons were lost before the repairs were made? The residents are not the cause of high water usage. Please do not discriminate against us. We are too old, too sick and too tired to carry buckets of water outside to prevent trees, flowers and pets from dying. Discrimination is always the wrong solution.

Letters: Ditch Dst

Please, can we ditch Daylight Saving Time already? It doesn’t save us a thing.

We don’t get more hours of sun in the day when we go to DTS. We just shift the hours from the morning to the night.

We need the light in the morning! This cues us to wake up just as the dark at night cues us to wind down and get to bed. Light in the morning sets our biological clocks. We’re not getting enough sleep, and it’s messing with our health and our productivity. DST is bad for business.

When we shift to a later sunrise, our high school students are driving to school in the dark. This means less safe driving conditions for this set of newer drivers. It means less sunlight in the morning that could help them maintain good sleep hygiene.

It’s miserable in mid-March when we make the shift to DST and lose an hour of sleep. If we can hold on a few more weeks, by April, sunset is 7pm. We’ll get out of work and have enough sunshine to go for a walk and enjoy some rays. We don’t need DST. Let’s dump it.

Letters: Suckers

Our country is being gutted from within. We cannot stand without our institutions of law. The people who blindly follow the person in the White House who believes himself either a dictator or a mob boss are being morally raped.

We’re told criminals are crossing our borders; I say criminals have already invade[d] our government. Please, for the sake of yourselves, your children and our United States, wake up!

P.T. Barnum is quoted as saying “a sucker is born every minute.” Don’t buy “snake oil” from the charlatan who is using deceit and falsehoods to maintain power over our constitution.

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