Letters: American People Are Not Stupid!

American People Are Not Stupid!

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I am not stupid and neither are most people I know. However, numerous politicians, pundits and officials seem to think we are stupid. The Green New Deal created and detailed by New York district Representative Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez, a Congresswoman in office a little over one month, is an attempt to fundamentally change our culture, economy and way of life in the name of the supposedly deteriorating environment due to carbon emissions. The plan calls for ending use of oil and natural gas for any applications and to substitute solar and wind power, converting all transportation, businesses, homes and buildings to meet those requirements. As a bonus the Green New Deal allows government to fund and control health, education, industry and welfare for those unable or unwilling to work with a 70 percent tax rate collected by the federal government from those workers willing to work. Ordinarily such nonsense would be the laughing stock but not so now. At Ocasio-Cortez’s announcement Democrats lined up behind her grinning and nodding their heads, "yes". Any time in Congress or anywhere spent debating this baloney is what is stupid not those of us who see this as balderdash.

It is also not stupid to support a border wall to stop millions of migrants marching thousands of miles to bust over our border into our country. These migrants are illegals seeking unlawful entry into our country utilizing a bogus statement of asylum. Criticizers of a border wall say we are a country of immigrants. That is true however immigrants who came to this country in the early 1900s, who helped build this country came in legally, were vetted and turned away if unhealthy or with no local support. Since then immigrants have waited in line for years to enter legally. What we have today is an invasion of lawless individuals including those who are criminals, drug carriers and human traffickers. Stupid is to deny this condition is a national emergency and to limit any and every method, walls, drones, electronics, troops and border patrol, to curb this assault and criminal elements. Stupid is Governor Grisham’s political move to withdraw National Guard troops from our border. Politicians are forewarned that the American people are not stupid.

Letters: Cringy As Hell Cringy As Hell

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham is in a viral video! The governor of New Mexico filmed a video in which she literally smashes through walls as a way to protest against President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall for the southern border. The video is cringy as hell comparable to US Senator Elizabeth Warren’s “home video” of her and her husband in their kitchen. It was simply another attempt by an insulated politician to feel more relatable with younger Americans and it failed miserably (or maybe it succeeded, it went viral after all). I don’t understand how smashing through literal walls translates to good public policy in a television ad. Don’t these politicians have marketers and social media coordinators to help with their public image?

My advice to Governor Lujan Grisham: Whoever came up with the idea to smash through some walls in a TV ad, fire that person immediately. If you want to appear more relatable to voters—more down-to-earth toward lower class Americans—it’s very simple, just record yourself in your office doing something real, maybe signing or vetoing a bill from the state Congress. You don’t need a script, a camera crew or an editor, you just need a camera and yourself.

Letters: Not The Messiah Not The Messiah

I was watching this program about the MSM. They compiled a video of headline soundbites of all the major news outlets. And all of them were word for word the same. Most citizens would not know they were being duped unless they were able to watch all of the news at the same time. A lot of close friends of mine have been turned into “Useful Idiots” because they believe every word of mainstream media. What really strikes me is Karie Luidens letter [Alibi v28 i4] was “exactly” the same as CNN, ABC, CBS and all the other traitors.

Please, Karie, do some research and get your news from other sources too. And get a mind of your own!!!

I was born here 68 years ago and this is my story and I’m sticking to it.

Obama is the one who created the hostility and hatred I read in your letter. He is
not the Messiah.

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