Letters: An Open Letter To State Rep. David Chavez

An Open Letter To State Rep. David Chavez

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I hope your constituents are proud to know that instead of fighting to make sure that New Mexicans have work in extremely difficult times, you and our illustrious governor are wasting taxpayer dollars to make sure that faggots like me can’t get married. I’m glad to know that the state of New Mexico has absolutely no other problems that are of a higher priority than to make sure that love between two people is delegitimized (by the very government you and those in your party say has absolutely no right to interfere with personal lives).

How is it, Mr. Chavez, that you get to determine what my rights are when I had absolutely no influence when it came to deciding what rights you as a straight man could enjoy without question? How do you justify an ideology that proselytizes small and limited government except for people who aren’t like you? Is it because your invisible man in the sky says it’s OK? When I was a believer, Mr. Chavez, the Jesus I read about said not one word about love being a bad thing. In fact, the two commandments he gave were all about love. One is to love your God with every fiber of your being, and the other is to love your neighbor as yourself. Perhaps it is you, Mr. Chavez, that is without love. Us queers have nothing to do with the downfall of the marriage sacred institution that somehow manages to have a high divorce rate only, for the time being, enjoyed by straight folks like you.

We’re not asking for special rights, Mr. Chavez. We’re not even asking that your right-wing churches be required to perform gay marriage services or acknowledge our marriages. We’re demanding that our relationships be recognized the same way yours was in the eyes of the law (no invisible men required). Our Constitution allows for us to fight for our rights. The beauty of it is that you don’t have to like what we’re doing but respect the fact that we can believe two different things and somehow find a way to peacefully coexist. I would like to know, Mr. Chavez, how it is that when you and those in your party find something morally objectionable, you get to say that my tax money shouldn’t go to pay for it, but when I find something (like war or tax breaks for the extremely wealthy) morally objectionable, somehow I don’t get to say that my taxes shouldn’t go to fund it? I hope you realize that these aren’t conservative principles you’re throwing people under the bus for. Instead, you’re willingly colluding in the hostile takeover of a party by an ideology that advocates selfishness and hypocrisy as the highest of virtues at the expense of everyone.

I hope this letter finds you well and I look forward to having a robust dialogue with you about these issues.

Letters: Where’s The Box? Where’s The Box?

In the past there was an Alibi distribution box at the Il Vicino restaurant on Montgomery, just east of Juan Tabo. It was not there the last time I looked, and no one in the restaurant knew what happened to it. Is the box returning?


Circulation manager’s response: The property manager for Heights Village Shopping Center (11225 Montgomery NE) requested we remove that box. We are hoping to have Sunflower Market host Alibi distribution just a few doors down from Il Vicino. Meanwhile you can find the paper at Planet Fitness (11200 Montgomery NE), Page One (11018 Montgomery NE) or Flying Star just around the corner at 4501 Juan Tabo NE. Thanks for reading!

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