Letters: An Outrageous Proposal To Save The United States

An Outrageous Proposal To Save The United States

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An open letter to Senator Sanders and Vice President Biden:

The lack of courage and principle is what we are exposed to on a daily basis by the leadership of the two major parties. This is concurrent with the United States moving—almost inexorably—toward becoming an authoritarian state ruled by a corrupt, authoritarian ruler.
Where is the outrage? Where are the masses?

If there is going to be a change in direction for the United States, it must initially come from the people, the citizens and residents of this nation. The call for change must be in numbers so overwhelming that it cannot be ignored by the Congress.

I believe that there is a path to this call. Many will consider this to be an outrageous proposal; however. I hope that it is at least considered.

People are demonstrating throughout the country on a daily basis. Collectively, the numbers are likely impressive, however there is no unifying message that brings these demonstrators to speak with a single voice whose sound cannot be ignored. Not only is the unifying message not present, there has been no unifying leadership to spearhead such an effort.

I suggest two planks for a National unifying effort: Impeachment of Donald Trump; Medicare for All (or Climate Change). It is imperative that we take action on removing Trump from power before his administration leads to irreparable harm to our Constitution, our form of democratic government and to our people.

How is this to be done? I am calling on Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders to withdraw as candidates for the Democratic nomination for President; to set aside their ambitions to lead the government, knowing that neither may prevail; to commit to jointly heading a national effort in support of Impeachment and Medicare for All (or Climate Change).

Each of these leaders have impressive constituencies with little overlap. Their constituencies go beyond party affiliation and would provide a substantial source of people power with which to begin their efforts to unify the populace around the two planks. The impact of their leadership would be evident immediately and could far exceed the impact that they have as individual candidates for a party nomination.

Biden and Sanders would not be confined by certain limitations that are inherent in a political candidacy. They would be able to speak and lead clearly with courage and principle. They would not have to censor or modify their message to please one group or another since they would be addressing only one group—the American public—in their efforts to create unity. They would not be saddled by the endless fundraising necessary to advance their individual candidacies.

Given the current field of candidates, a qualified and outstanding candidate for the Democratic nomination will emerge and will garner their support.

Biden and Sanders could have a greater and more immediate mission. I urge them to take up the leadership mantle and save our democracy!

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