Letters: Another Opinion About Mexican Gray Wolves

Another Opinion About Mexican Gray Wolves

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In all the debates about Mexican gray wolves, there’s one opinion that rarely gets considered: God’s opinion. The most honorable opinion of all. And what God would say is easy to deduce. He would ask us to treat all His animals with respect and compassion, including Mexican gray wolves.

God represents and gives love and care and compassion and respect. He would say don’t kill these magnificent animals out of hatred, or for money or ego. It’s inarguable to say that God would want us to respect all His creations.
Including Mexican gray wolves.

So why don’t we take God’s opinion into account? Although our laws can’t include God’s desires, surely our morals can. Surely our opinions and actions can reflect God’s desires about how we treat all His creations.
Including Mexican gray wolves.

God would say it’s not okay to kill wolves so some people can earn more money. He would say it’s not okay to kill a wolf because it
might attack someone. God would advocate “innocent until proven guilty.”

God gives love and compassion and care and respect to each and every one of us. He wants us to act like He does and appreciate what we have; appreciate that we have our lives, and food and clothing and shelter and health and loved ones; and appreciate and respect all His creations like he does.
Including Mexican gray wolves. Please.

Letters: Give A.r.t. A Chance Give A.r.t. A Chance

If you have traveled to small-town N.M., you’ll note that the young people have left—it’s only Boomers and seniors—and their City Councilors lament that fact. I would hate to see the same thing happen to Albuquerque. I think Rapid Transit could help keep our younger population here, especially those who choose to go without a car.

I have resided in Nob Hill for decades and I am concerned. I think Nob Hill is dying, as evidenced by the many empty commercial real estate sites. I think Rapid Transit may help revitalize Nob Hill and bring shopping, not just dining, back to Nob Hill.

If you work Downtown or on campus, you know how difficult it is to park. I think an up-to-date bus system, Rapid Transit, can help a large population who work there.

I would like to give A.R.T. a chance.

Letters: Manners Matter: A Rant Manners Matter: A Rant

I’ve noticed a disturbing and depressing trend in my co-workers these days: None of my fellow millenials has any sense of professionalism or work ethic. Whatever happened to keeping a straight face and playing nice with people? I’ve worked in an office filled with yelling and tears and ‘he-said-she-said’ because people ‘didn’t like’ each other. Who the fuck cares whether or not you like your co-worker???!! This is your job, not a goddamn sorority house. You don’t need to be best friends with every person you meet! You are paid to work—so paste a benign smile on your face and fucking work! It’s like in this era of acceptance (which is a fine idea) that we’ve forgotten that it is okay and completely natural to not like someone. That’s fine; not everyone is your cup of tea. Some people will just strike the wrong chord with you for no apparent reason. It’s okay! But that doesn’t mean you need to make it personal. If that person is in your social circle, don’t hang out with them. If you work with them, then get the hell over it and work with them anyway! It’s not being two-faced or fake—it’s called professionalism. Get over yourself and figure it the fuck out.

And work ethic! Whatever happened to showing up every day when you are scheduled to do so? I’ve worked in bars and coffee shops where fellow millenials just don’t show up. No call, no text, nothing—completely screwing over everyone else who has to work longer and harder to take up the slack. And then that no-show will have the absolute nerve to stroll in to their shift the next day like it’s no big deal! Those fuckers! I don’t care if you’re the Queen of England or the janitor at Walmart: You show up to your job, or you let someone know that there is a dire emergency and you cannot make it. Professionalism, yes, but also just basic goddamn manners. Sheesh!

And speaking of manners, whatever happened to being present to the people you are with? I’ve been in the midst of a conversation with a friend when they recieved a text and just started texting the other person. Put down the goddamn phone for three seconds and give your full attention to the people you’re with. It’s inordinately
rude to do otherwise! I mean, I get it; I have a smart phone. It’s exciting to see the screen flash, notifying you that someone is reaching out to you. But if you’re already with someone, you’re degrading the value of both your friendship and their presence by ignoring what’s in front of you to send what’s most likely to be a ‘lol’ or smile emoji to some insignificant statement. Reply later. Send that snapchat later. Catch that pokémon later. Look at Insta later. Because at the end of the week, are you going to remember the great time you had with that friend or that one post you just had to reTweet?

Manners matter! Not only because a general level of politeness helps grease the wheels of society, but also because they can help this socially-dim-witted generation interact despite their rampant “awkwardness” and very real anxiety. Politeness and professionalism are always on fleek.

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