Letters: Art Hive For All

Art Hive For All

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The first time I pressed my face to the storefront window on the tiny strip mall across from Robinson Park, I knew something special was happening at 808 Park Ave. SW. I discovered a magical place where everyone who wishes to make art or learn through the creative art medium is welcome.

Since 2001, OFFCenter Community Arts Project has offered free and low-cost art and music classes, writing, card making, theatre and knitting groups, development courses for emerging artists, and connection and collaboration with others.

I took my first steps into OFFCenter 10 years ago as an Occupational Therapist, working with people often labeled developmentally disabled. OFFCenter considers us all community members, artists, friends, collaborators. In a place where unique gifts abound, labels fall away.

OFFCenter provides a place for us all to learn this lesson.

The value of OFFCenter cannot be underestimated. My experiences growing and belonging within this community drew me in; I became invested in keeping this treasure alive in Albuquerque. As a volunteer, community artist and board member, I learned firsthand of the continual struggle to keep OFFCenter afloat to be able to fulfill its mission: To enhance the lives of all people in our community, especially those who have been marginalized, through art-making and creative social interaction in a safe environment.

I urge the City of Albuquerque to ensure this treasure continues, officially making OFFCenter Albuquerque’s Art Hive for All. This community treasure deserves support equal to the value and gifts it offers to any and all. Provide it with a permanent downtown home, enabling it to continue serving our city. It’s true: Art saves lives.

Letters: Dumb Down For Anti-Gunners Dumb Down For Anti-Gunners

Your commentary on dum-dums [v28 i33] had a grain of truth and a lot of omission.

It is true that generals and their rule books prefer “hardball” ammunition. Not only does it result in more non-fatal wounds, it also penetrates barriers better.

However, the realities of close quarters combat, whether in the trenches of WWI, the jungles of Vietnam or the American street, often render the politically correct ammunition ineffective.

In WWI it was discovered that bolt action rifles were outmatched by German sub-machine guns at close quarters. The US Army began issuing 12 gauge shotguns to troops. These were effective enough that the Germans claimed them to be a war crime. A bit hypocritical, coming from the nice folks who brought poison gas to the battlefield.

In Vietnam, shotguns were not official issue, but were often purchased by soldiers with their own money.

When faced with a close quarters attack, the ultimate lethality of a bullet is not nearly as important as its ability to immediately
stop the attacker. Expanding ammo does this far more effectively than hardball. Since the average citizen finds it inconvenient to carry a shotgun in his pocket, hollow points are preferred by not only citizens but by many police forces, particularly for calibers smaller than .45.

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