Letters: Big Pharma And “Vaccinazis”

Big Pharma And “Vaccinazis”

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It was disappointing to see Matthew Reichbach’s “Vaccinate Now!” piece in the most recent Alibi [v28, i23] with no inclusion or discussion of other viewpoints regarding vaccine safety.

While many believe “the science is in” (per Big Pharma), there is no science on vaccines. There are no peer-reviewed studies. The pharmaceutical industry is a very powerful one, spending $5.4 billion dollars annually on influencing the media. Their corruption has been exposed in the past, [when] they’ve promoted drugs as “safe and effective” that they knew to be dangerous, such as Vioxx and today OxyContin, among others. What are 60,000[-plus] deaths when there’s money to be made?

Vaccines are legally designated as “unavoidably unsafe” and the industry is the only industry with zero accountability, zero liability—no one can sue for injury or death due to their products. Their “regulatory agencies,” the CDC and FDA, have major conflicts of interest—the CDC owning dozens of hugely profitable vaccine patents and maintaining a rotating door for their CEOs with high-paying positions within the pharmaceutical manufacturing corporations.

The pharmaceutical industry also outspends all other lobbies to lobby Congress to pass mandatory vaccine bills aimed at convincing the public that unvaccinated children are “the problem.” If vaccines work, why are the unvaccinated such a problem? Herd immunity? There is ample evidence that “vaccine shedding,” the shedding of injected viruses by vaccinated children, is what’s spread polio, pertussis and now measles. So whose children are putting whose at risk?

Those of us who question vaccine safety get called “anti-vaxxers,” a term used to ostracize and marginalize people who question “the authorities.” Shall those of us who question authorities and want to see peer-reviewed, legitimate studies call pro-vaxxers a name? VacciNazis, perhaps? This name-calling is immature and divisive, entirely unhelpful to a conversation that desperately needs to be had.

Most people who question vaccines have done a lot of research, and/or have had or known a vaccine-injured child. Many do not oppose the concept of vaccines but do oppose untested and (read the vaccine inserts) dangerous ingredients [being injected] into any human. Many would consider safe vaccines, like Japan’s, but what we currently use in the US falls way short of that description. Today there are roughly 72 vaccines given in shots of 6 vaccines at a time, containing high amounts of mercury/thimerosal and/or aluminum compared to the “permissible levels.”

In Japan, the US vaccines were banned for being dangerous. Vaccines are still available and are used but are far cleaner and not given before the age of 2. The infant mortality rate went way down after the implementation of this change. Sweden recently banned US vaccines for the same reasons as Japan. The US is now the sickest industrialized nation on Earth. There are many contributors to this but the “sacred cow” of vaccination may be one of the biggest. It may be that what is hidden in plain sight is what we need to take a look at.

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