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Corporate Environmentalists

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I’m a loyal and true, red-white-and-blue American, therefore I dislike government telling me what to do. But I admit that laws such as those forbidding driving drunk, ignoring building codes, trashing public lands or selling toxic products protect us from fools and scoundrels.

Unfortunately, regulations now emerging from the Trump White House are damaging both citizens and corporations, whether by weakening protections against pollution, driving species extinction, enacting destructive trade deals or “disappearing” scientific research paid for with our tax dollars. Try Googling a term like “Trump attacks on science.”

But a funny thing happened to POTUS’ efforts to destroy the planet; the groups he claims to be helping are rebelling.

Trump no doubt expected praise from the automobile industry when he ditched the Obama administration’s requirement for an average fleet mileage of 52.5 miles per gallon by 2025. Nope. BMW, Ford, Honda and Volkswagen got together with the State of California and worked out a compromise deal requiring 51 mpg by 2026. So hooray for that extra 15 miles per gallon.

Nor are American farmers and manufacturers happy about Trump’s clumsy trade war with China. In response to Trump’s “strategy of constant escalation and antagonism,” according to the National Farmers Union, China canceled all purchases of US agricultural products. Now POTUS is demanding $12 billion of our tax dollars to help farmers survive his bungling.

In his effort to promote fossil fuels, POTUS imposed 30 percent tariffs on Chinese-made solar panels, which briefly damaged the booming US solar installation industry. Currently, Trump plans to halt federal regulation of methane leaks in spite of protests from investors. Nevertheless, electricity produced from renewables is now the cheapest on the market, even though $20.5 billion of our tax money subsidizes the US fossil fuel industry annually, according to Oil Change International.

It’s a scary revelation that POTUS and his enablers have lurched so far into denial that even the corporate sector is frightened of the economic and environmental consequences of his actions.

Letters: As Un-American As Woodrow Wilson As Un-American As Woodrow Wilson

[Regarding Brian Fejer’s letter “Why Focus on Progress?” v28 i25]

President Trump’s crimes? Explain yourself. You state this lie with no proof whatsoever.

The reason Democrats and Republicans hate him is because he wants to end the status quo. Pelosi and the rest are millionaires ripping off you and I. And they want to continue doing so. I say if they want Trump’s tax returns, well, let us see all of the hyenas’ tax returns. Imagine Maxine Waters! What a joke. She’s living high off the hog while there are 60,000 homeless living in the streets of her district.

What they have managed to accomplish is convince schmucks like you that Trump is evil. Only weak-minded fools like you have fallen for it.

Fact: The economy is doing great, unemployment down—the lowest in 50 years. Even grocery prices are lower. We finally have someone to defend us against countries gouging us to death. Companies are hiring again. Fact: You libbies are the most intolerant, hateful un-Americans since Woodrow Wilson!

Stop the hate, pick up your flowers and snowflakes and
stop the hate! Get over it, crybaby—Hillary lost! Unlike you, I can name many crimes done by Obama, Biden, the Clintons, the Bushes. All of them belong in jail. They say love is blind, but liberals are more so.

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