Letters: Cover Objet D’art, Parodic Critique And Graffiti Harangue

Cover Objet D'art

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(Ben Adams)
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Ben Adams is my new hero. I have fought back the urge to complain about all the air time Don Schrader gets in the letters section of the Alibi for a long time now.

It’s not that I have anything against Don or his philosophy in abstract, but I think we all get the point and frankly, it’s not that interesting. Ben’s cover for the Valentine’s Day issue is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. I may have it framed.

Go Ben!

Letters: Parody Or Tragedy? Parody Or Tragedy?

Your Valentine’s Day cover illustrated by Ben Adams poses an interesting question: Why is there no credit given to the originator of that same drawing, Robert Crumb? Perhaps your readership is generationally removed from the Zap Comix era, but short of minor alterations, this is a direct rip-off of an earlier R. Crumb drawing, originally of Charles Manson and his mind-manipulating of an innocent Midwest girl. Can you say "copyright infringement"?

Letters: Transgressive Expression Transgressive Expression

Hello, my name is Seth David Cooper. I live in Belen, N.M., but I work in Albuquerque, and I am disgusted with the graffiti. I report (on average) 10 graffiti vandalism reports on businesses, curbs, bus stops and vehicles daily. And again this morning, I saw a massive crime wave of vandalism on Central Avenue. Please tell me you will run a story on the front page encouraging citizens and businesses to be more vigilant and report this cancer on society. You can report graffiti removal and other civic concerns to the (505) 768-4725 hotline number, and also the Albuquerque dispatch number, (505) 768-2155. Encourage local citizens to start a neighborhood watch program that works with local businesses to help curb this epidemic. I started a neighborhood watch program for my neighborhood in Belen. The local police will work with anyone concerned and help with new ideas also. Please, please run a front page story on this subject quick. Please help me help Albuquerque get clean and beautiful again. If there are more security cameras and actual security officers who will take their responsibility seriously to aid in the solution … with all the cards on the table, these criminals will be caught. Just send a photographer down Central and other parts of Albuquerque such as San Mateo, and you will have more then enough evidence for a truly worthy story.

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