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Crap Food And Childhood Obesity

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As our representatives in Washington, D.C. argue over trillions of dollars in national debt, America’s government is losing sight of its duty to provide for average Americans. We are facing both a childhood obesity crisis and a budget crisis, yet not one of our representatives has the courage to expose the relationship between them.

Over the past 15 years, we paid more than $245 billion in taxpayer-funded subsidies to farming corporations like Cargill, Tyson and Monsanto. Less than $1 billion was spent on local farms in New Mexico, yet the average farm received less than $500 a year. Those subsidies have pushed the price of junk food to all-time lows, creating an economic incentive for New Mexico’s neediest families to feed their children what is cheap, not what is healthy.

At the same time, Congress is considering cuts to the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP); Medicaid for kids. Instead of cutting CHIP, we need to cut expensive and wasteful farm subsidies, which would also lead to fewer obesity-related insurance claims.

We have the opportunity to make Americans healthier and cut the federal budget, so why aren’t we doing it?

Letters: American Fascism American Fascism

It’s nice to know that the government of Norway has decided to counter the horrendous terrorist acts perpetrated upon them with “more democracy” instead of doing what America did, which is the exact opposite. Following 9/11, this country’s leaders decided that restricting the rights of its own citizens was the best solution to prevent any future terrorist threat by passing the Orwellian, unconstitutional “USA Patriot Act” in October of 2001.

In Norway’s case, their leaders have defiantly refused to give into terrorism by actually vowing to become more democratic in the wake of the recent attack by admitted Christian Zionist Anders Breivik.

Unfortunately, in America’s case, the so-called terrorists have already won. Former President Bush told us that terrorist organizations like al Qaeda hate us for our freedoms, after all. If that’s true, then Osama bin Laden and his ilk won the war a long time ago. He must’ve died a happy man. When the “greatest nation on Earth” can suddenly advocate torture, illegal detentions, pre-emptive war and wiretapping of its own citizens (among many other disgraces), it’s safe to say the American people have already lost the war on terror. In fact, we gave up virtually without a fight. Most of our “freedoms” have been taken from us. Kudos, terrorists!

The utterly noxious Patriot Act somehow continues to be extended for no good reason (other than to increase profits for defense contractors and security agencies, I suppose). The most recent one-year extension was signed by President Obama in February of this year.

While the rest of the world continues to acknowledge our once great country as a certifiable global laughing stock, we slip further away from any semblance of democracy and quietly toward fascism, and nobody seems to care. We are a nation of cowards. Good for Norway!

Letters: Christian Terrorists Christian Terrorists

When the ex-Marine blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City, there was so much fear concerning the Muslim religion, even though that ex-Marine was a Christian. Other terrorists shot doctors at Planned Parenthood offices—they were not Muslim but Christians and many were also ex-military.

I have been very concerned about how people of the Muslim faith were hated as if all Muslims were terrorists. Now there is a blond, blue-eyed Norwegian terrorist that is Christian and has killed many people by blowing up a building like the American ex-Marine did in Oklahoma City. (In addition to opening fire at a youth camp that is more left and liberal than his right-wing agenda, killing and wounding many more).

For some reason, this Norwegian and others in America have not been called terrorists, but to me they are, as much as the men who flew into the buildings in New York City on 9/11.

I am confused and concerned about the relationship that many will have toward us Christians, as so many have concerning the Muslim religion.

Letters: How Sad! How Sad!

[Re: News, “Turning the Page,” July 28-Aug. 3] This is indeed quite sad. This is the first I have heard of Newsland’s closing. I occasionally bought French and Italian magazines there. Now I don’t know where to go for those. Our world is not changing for the better. Personally, I will never read a book on a piece of metal.

Letters: Give ’Em The Atomic Elbow Give ’Em The Atomic Elbow

[Re: Sports, “Good Girl, Bad Guy,” July 28-Aug. 3] Excellent writing by Toby Smith—a love story for the ages, beauty and the beast …

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