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For those of you too young to remember or just slept through history: 1940 was the year Nazi Germany invaded France. They proceeded to continue their round-up of Jews and political dissidents they had begun back home. The Jews had done nothing wrong and had even benefited the countries they lived in; but the power-that-be insisted Jews were subhuman, a danger to society and must be deported. In those days “deported” meant shipped to a concentration camp or death.

Today, we look back on those days as some of the darkest and inhumane in our history. A world war was fought to defeat those responsible for such atrocities. Millions died so freedom for all could exist.

There’s an old saying that if one forgets history, it will repeat itself. Well, welcome to today. Our leaders are hell-bent on repeating history and deporting or locking up every person that doesn’t have the “proper papers” or looks different. These people came here because they believed in the promise of our once-great nation or they feared for their lives in their own country. Our nation was built with immigrants and they made us the greatest nation on Earth. Now our leaders, who apparently have an average IQ under 80, want immigrants gone because they’ve been designated a threat. Our president (yours, not mine) is the son of an immigrant, his mother was an illegal immigrant and he married an immigrant. Yet he shows only contempt for immigrants, even as he hires them as cheap labor.

I went to war for my country with the hope of playing a small part in leaving my country, as well as the one I fought in, a better place for my kids and all others. For those of you that don’t understand that, I have no compassion for you. Go to hell, because that’s what Trump is determined to turn our now “third world country” into.

Letters: The Moral Problem The Moral Problem

Crime is certainly a problem in New Mexico, and in the entire United States. In his letter [Alibi v27 i4] Damon Ely makes many good points about the crime problem. The chief shortcoming of his letter is that he does not address the crime problem at its fundamental level. All Ely wants to do is spend money on police, prosecutors, prison and drug treatment.

Simply stated, crime has to do with wrong behavior, and that makes it a moral problem. Is spending more money on the criminal justice system going to solve the moral problem? Probably not. I would like to see Representative Ely’s proposals for improving the moral character of children and adults so that they do the morally correct things and do not commit crimes.

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