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I could suffer torture, prison or execution in many nations if I spoke out publicly there as I do here. The United States strongly supports many bloody regimes now—Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Pakistan, Mexico … The United States strongly supported many bloody past regimes—El Salvador, Philippines, Guatemala, Haiti, Chile, Iran, South Africa, Argentina, Indonesia…

The main goal worldwide of the US government is grabbing more wealth, resources and cheap labor by any means necessary—regardless of how many millions are robbed, tortured, starved, imprisoned and murdered. The main goal worldwide of the US government is not now and never has been genuine democracy, freedom, justice, and human rights. In dozens of nations, the United States is now and has always been the enemy of genuine democracy, freedom, justice and human rights.

SADLY many US voters, students, soldiers and taxpayers do NOT know this truth. I do NOT pledge allegiance to the US flag or to any flag. I stay quietly seated. The whole world is my country! All people on Earth are my sisters and brothers.

Here we have some freedom of speech left. Before we lose it, we better use it for our good and the good of all people.

Letters: In Response To “Women, Concerts, Misogyny” By Robin Babb In Response To “Women, Concerts, Misogyny” By Robin Babb

Women in America are expected to be toys for men. Women are blamed for dressing wrong, but are ridiculed if they dress conservatively. Women are considered too young or too old. Too pretty or too ugly. Too opinionated. Actresses are still expected to put out to get into movies. Women are told to just do what the police ask you to do and you won’t get hurt … while they are raped (See "AP: Hundreds of officers lose licenses over sex misconduct"). Women playing video games are threatened with rape and death; the women on the video games are often sex objects. Fondling women’s private parts is "no big deal." Sadly, the music industry simply reflects how men often mistreat women.

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