Letters: Don Schrader On Fat; The Second Amendment

Don Schrader On Losing The Fat

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Why am I passionately devoted to health?

I saw my mother and my dad both suffer severe illness for decades—largely because of junk food and
not enough exercise, sunshine and good sleep. I took my mother to a nutrition specialist in Houston in 1975. He asked her, “Why have you done this to your body?” From that day on—37 years ago, I made up my mind to be healthy. I do not want to suffer the hell she and my dad endured. Life is hard enough when we are healthy. No other material possession can give us more misery or more pleasure than our body.

I am
strongly sexually attracted to certain lean, fit, healthy men, so I eat and exercise to be lean, fit and healthy myself.

No one gets fat, or will stay fat, eating only whole raw plant foods—greens, fruit, seeds and nuts. Any fat person who changes to eating only whole raw plant foods and exercising every day will lose the fat! No need for our waists and weight to balloon as the years roll by.

Every morning in my room I exercise vigorously one and a half hours. I have ridden in
no car for 11 years.

Preventing disease is always far better and cheaper than treating disease. Most U.S. hospital beds would be empty and drug companies’ sales would plunge if we all got serious about living healthy.

Flaxseed is the
best natural laxative . Start with one teaspoon twice a day. Always grind or blend it just before eating it—otherwise it goes rancid soon. I eat 4 to 6 table spoons a day in my blended green smoothies. Flaxseed is the highest plant source for the necessary Omega 3 fatty acid most people lack. Flaxseed helps cancer, depression, kidneys, energy, mood, intestinal good germs, brain, immune system, prostate, mental illness, aging, stomach ulcers, wound healing, allergies, asthma, sex, lungs, high cholesterol, infection, PMS, anemia, liver, skin, diabetes, blood vessels, digestion, constipation, eyesight, MS, arthritis, hair, heart, pain, inflammation, learning disabilities, losing fat, preventing strokes …

As a youth I was sadly addicted to eating crap. With the help of
many people I woke up and changed! We can change!

Letters: Up In Arms Up In Arms

The march of time is inevitable, and so is change. Radio, television and the Internet have changed the way we look at the First Amendment and freedom of speech issues. Maybe it’s time semi- and full-automatic weapons with high capacity magazines change the way we look at the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms issues. The cost to benefit ratio has changed a little since 1790. You could not walk into a theater and fire up to 100 shots without reloading then—you can now. Five Supreme Court justices thought there was an individual right subject to reasonable restrictions, and that some restrictions were off the table. Four justices thought there was no individual right, and even complete bans were on the table. I do not see any room for compromise there, just living with the choices we make until we make different choices.

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