Letters: Donald Trump Way Worse Than Dubya

Donald Trump Way Worse Than Dubya

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Donald Trump’s campaign is getting more and more crazy, just like his followers. In the beginning, I must confess, I found the notion of Trump’s candidacy refreshing. Don’t get me wrong, I was never a fan of the man, per se, but initially I was in love with how he was making both members on the established Left and Right feel anxious. "The Donald" was, in the beginning to me, a great comeuppance to the establishment, a big middle-finger to both powers that be. I felt that voting for Trump would have been a great political statement to all the heavies in charge–a big screw-you. I did not necessarily like the man, nor did I honestly take seriously any of the things he was saying, but in a strange way, I felt he was giving voices to the voiceless, simply by defying the powers that be: the bought and paid for politicians. The Hillary Clintons out there, who are in bed with Wall Street. And the John Kasichs and the Ted Cruzs and the Marco Rubios, who are both so owned by the brothers Koch, they might as well have "Property of Koch Industries" stamped on their buttcheeks before they go out and graze with the rest of the truffle pigs.

At least Trump doesn’t want to raise the Social Security retirement age. At least he’s not a puppet, like all those aforementioned yahoos, and he’s disrupting the Republican party, I thought at the time.

Little did I know, in the beginning, that Trump would end up being a gazillion times worse than the establishment politicians he was speaking out against. Yep—Trump is already worse than any other president we have ever had.
Even George W. Bush.

Now don’t misunderstand me here: I disliked Bush with a passion. I thought his war in Iraq was unconstitutional, even criminal (and I still do). However, at this stage of the game, I believe I abhor "The Donald" even more. Bush used to always love to say, "I’m a uniter, not a divider." That was such a crock of bullshit! Yet, compared to Trump, I’m ashamed to say, Bush really was a uniter. Of course, I might sound like I’m off my rocker, and like I’ve been eating a few too many edibles from the local dispensary, but it’s true. For example, how many times did Bush subtly try to incite riots and violence at his rallies? How many times did he stigmatize all Muslims? Did George W. Bush ever once promote riots at the Republican National Convention if he were to lose the nomination?

How about lawsuits? Did George W. Bush ever promise a full-fledged assault on our beloved 1st Amendment, by threatening to sue all the newspapers across the country that printed negative op-eds about him? Donald Trump is
considerably worse than George W. Bush ever was. He is a much greater threat to the Constitution, and to our democratic rights as American citizens.

To some people, the man is a god and a breath of fresh air. To me, Donald Trump is anti-American—a monster who promotes hatred, sexism and racism and has no qualms about destroying our civil liberties as Americans.

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