Letters: Don’t Murder Otero Mesa, Vitamin D-Ebate, Monkeys Run This Place

Save Otero Mesa

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I’m writing in outrage because I recently became aware that not only is Otero Mesa at risk for natural gas drilling by a process of hydrofracturing, but recently mining companies have made claims to mine by a process of mountaintop removal. Otero Mesa is an extremely beautiful, pristine and unique place in New Mexico. One thing most people don’t know about Otero Mesa is that it sits above a giant aquifer, which could be used for drinking water for the state. Because we live in a state where water is so precious, we the people must stand up to these corporations that seek to take our resources for their own financial gain and pollute the resource that is most precious in our desert state—water. We need to put an end to this now, because if we look away, there won’t be anything left for New Mexicans.

Letters: Rays Of Light Rays Of Light

[Re: Miss Diagnosis, “The Slow Burn,” April 7-13] D is considered the most valuable vitamin in the prevention of many cancers and the maintenance of good health, plus we need more as we get older. Sunlight is by far the best source of D—nothing else comes close. It’s a disservice to the public to continue this mania about keeping totally out of the sun and coating ones self with sunscreen, rather than getting moderate amounts of exposure. And by the way, when you said "Until the FDA mans up …" did you mean women are less tough and strong willed than men? As a man, this has not been my experience.


Columnist Whitny Doyle [Miss Diagnosis] Responds: In its position statement on vitamin D, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) says that vitamin D should not be obtained from unprotected exposure to ultraviolet radiation. The link between sunlight and skin cancer is strong. According to the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research, the link between vitamin D and positive health outcomes is inconsistent at best. Because of this, the AAD recommends obtaining adequate levels of vitamin D from dietary sources and/or supplements rather than from sunlight. According to the American Cancer Society, most health experts agree.


Oops! Monkeys aren’t always the best typesetters. Last week’s interview with rock band Interpol [Music Feature, “Self-Styled,” April 14-20] was missing its jump—that’s publishing speak for continuing an article on another page. Read the whole article at bit.ly/MoreInterpol.

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