Letters: “Douchey” Is Sexist, U.s. Should Kill The Death Penalty, Crazy Likes Crazy In Mamet Review

Don’t Be A Dou ... Never Mind

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The Alibi presents itself as a publication for both women and men. So I’m wondering how an adjective like "douchey" (which is a put-down based on anti-female sentiment) is acceptable in a movie review. But there it is in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World [Aug. 19-25] by Devin D. O’Leary. I’m sure you decry the violence against women across the world and locally. Are you not able to see the connection between casual put-downs of women in what you print and the treatment of women? Please, get a clue.


Film Editor’s Response: I wasn’t using the word to casually put down women, I was using it to say that the character of Scott Pilgrim is rather clueless and selfish in his treatment of women. Or as the female-run website fangirltastic.com puts it, “Scott Pilgrim is, quite frankly, a bit of a douche.” (The word, it should be noted, is used three times in the original comic.) Honestly, I’m not quite sure how the French word for “shower” inspires violence against women; but, hey, maybe I’m wrong here. Since this letter directly addresses readers, maybe we should be asking them. Please tell us, Alibi readers. The word “douche”: offensive to the female gender or a funny term for jerky jerks?

Letters: Abolish The Death Penalty Abolish The Death Penalty

Online, I read about Troy Davis, who is on death row in Georgia for murder. A federal judge rejected his petition on Aug. 24. Even though there is no physical evidence and the evidence collected relies on witnesses that made controversial statements, Troy Davis is back on roll for execution.

In my opinion, the sheer fact that there is no physical evidence should result in a judgment that can be revoked. Nevertheless Troy Davis is on death row. I can’t believe it!

I am troubled by the thought that this country executes people even when there is doubt of their guilt. Once dead, we cannot go back and revoke our judgment. The death penalty makes it impossible to reconsider. I think the death penalty is not acceptable for a human society. I would feel better if every state of the United States would finally accept that death penalty is not ethical. Troy Davis’s case is not the first one where judges ruled erroneous. This should not happen ever again in this country.

Letters: Damnit Indeed Damnit Indeed

Nice write [Re: Performance Review, “Damnit Mamet,” Sept. 2-8]. It’s a brave move when a man comes out and writes of his begrudging acceptance of a live theater production, though methinks if Mamet hadn’t written the screenplay for The Untouchables or had the castapalooza perform his work in Glengarry Glen Ross, you’d be hating as if he were a crafter of musical theater.

Only the truly crazy could so dead-on identify it in another’s performance. Kudos.

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