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Eat It Raw

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Not enough nutrients causes alcoholism! Renowned nutritionist Roger Williams proved that in the 1950s. In experiments with rats, only 10 percent of those with full nutrition became alcoholic. When nutrients were cut by 1/3, about 22 percent became alcoholic. When nutrients were tripled for super nutrition, only 1 percent became alcoholic. In a study on people who booze and smoke—when they received super nutrition, an amazing 80 percent stopped boozing and smoking without even trying!

Dr. Joseph Beasley started a clinic for alcoholics in New York with the highest success rate in the nation! Years earlier he was severely alcoholic. The foundation of his own recovery and his clinic’s treatment program was good nutrition! Read his book
How to Defeat Alcohol.

Dr. John Douglas found that booze and cigarette addictions went away when those patients ate only raw foods. No willpower was needed. Raw foods tell our body what is good and what is bad for our own health. Read his article in the
Journal of the International Academy of Preventive Medicine (Vol. VII, No. 2) from July of 1982.

Cooking food destroys up to 85 percent of its nutrients. If you cook a seed and then plant it, that seed will never sprout! Cooking kills the seed. Cooked food is dead—slow poison! Human cancer cells placed on cooked food grow and multiply. Human cancer cells placed on raw, living food die! Do not heat raw food above 105 degrees to keep it living.

I treasure health! I eat no crap, no cooked food. I drink no booze, smoke no cigarettes. I take no prescription drugs, no illegal drugs. I eat only raw plant foods—flax seed, soaked millet, carrots, greens, garlic, fruit, avocados and healing herbs. I am the most well-known raw foodist in this city.

Read the fine print on the labels of everything you eat. Would we sign a legal contract if we did not read and understand the fine print? Our health is as important as any legal contract. If you eat the cooked, processed crap most USA-ans eat, do not be shocked if you get the diseases most USA-ans suffer.

Our brain constantly checks our bloodstream for nutrients. Not enough—we feel hungry. If we eat high calorie, low-nutrient crap loaded with sugar, our brain says, “Still hungry, keep eating!” Scientists at giant food companies deliberately remove most nutrients and then soak what is left with chemicals to look and taste good to make people addicted to keep eating and buying more! Overfed and undernourished. Starved for nutrients and hooked on poison. Just like cigarette and booze companies, processed food giants kill millions!

I urge you to watch three powerful health documentaries, all available free on DVD at our public library—
Fed Up, Forks Over Knives and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

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