Letters: Election Coverage Discontent, Apoa Withholds Mayoral Endorsement And More

Discontent With Election Coverage

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In the past, the Alibi published an election guide which included full coverage of the issues Albuquerque voters would face on a ballot, complete with interviews and endorsements. Even though the Alibi is a small newspaper, I found value in the earnest local journalism found within. While the Sept. 28 edition cover touted—with bold colors and big letters—the "Mayoral Election Digest" within, the content was far from living up to the hype and deeply lacking when compared to past coverage. Two scant pages with no mention of the abortion issue on this election’s ballot or anything beyond a list of bonds, Mayoral candidates and City Council candidates—without interviews, endorsements or coverage of any other items the voter will see on election day. It appears the Alibi‘s decline as a newspaper has begun to accelerate; your "exposé" piece on US Forest Service mismanagement of NM lands was a poorly written rant, devoid of substance, rather than a well-researched critique written with searing logic. Please turn this trend around before it is too late. Albuquerque needs the intelligent alternative voice the Alibi once was—particularly around election season.

Editor’s note: The late-term abortion ban will not be included on the Oct. 8 municipal election ballot. If the mayoral election results in a run-off—which seems unlikely—the proposed ban will be included on that Nov. 19 ballot. Otherwise, the ban will be voted on exclusively via mail-in ballot. We’ll keep y’all apprised of developments.

Letters: Police Association Not Endorsing Dinelli Police Association Not Endorsing Dinelli

We are in extreme disbelief at Mayor Berry’s approach to public safety for the citizens of Albuquerque—with response times climbing, manpower diminishing and crime rates spiking. The Albuquerque Police Officers Association feels that [Berry] has failed the city of Albuquerque. But the APOA membership has decided not to formally endorse any candidate for mayor in this upcoming election.

Letters: Way To Be, Burque! Way To Be, Burque!

Props to the City of Albuquerque for "The Yards" project at the Railyards property. The place is awesome. The open house on Friday night was great and I’m looking forward to more events at that sonic space. Having a music and art celebration be the first development at the Railyards is perfect. You guys are awesome!

Letters: Wary Of Berry Wary Of Berry

It’s good that the feds are investigating police shootings. I hope they’re efficient and inclusive enough to consider other elements in the operation of the police department, which is ultimately the responsibility of Mayor Berry.

Our police force is greatly understaffed. I reported a foreclosed house being vandalized and used for drugs, and it took three weeks for any response. I’ve also reported an individual who is established on public grounds dealing drugs, and there has yet to be any change. I also object to Mayor Berry’s plan to spend millions on destroying natural habitat in the bosque. Berry shows no respect for “Mother Earth” and the wildlife in the bosque. Everything is trampled upon and destroyed by “developers” whose only interest is economic. In their arrogant view, they disregard the right to life by other life forms. Spiritual values have no place, and there is no holistic view of the natural world we live in. We are observing the effects of this thinking in the increase in abundance of natural disasters, including the flooding we have been experiencing.

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