Letters: Emperor Sam, The Mexicans Are Coming, Lead/Coal Trials

“I Saw Emperor Sam On New Year's Eve”

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If the legs of a man were laced with veins,

And his chest a chaotic house of cysts;

If the rig of his brain was sopped with rain,

And his hands were bent like despotic fists;

Would he roar and cry: "out of many, one,"

Burn and sever his bridges too soon?

Or borrow the light of the rising sun

To fund a total eclipse of the moon?

Wrestling with phantoms, after last call,

Spent celebrity drunk past his limit;

He denies the lie and gambles it all,

Loving the illusion while he’s in it.

And when his friends find him, cursing the floor,

They smile discreetly and walk out the door.

Letters: Right-Wing Ranting Right-Wing Ranting

Your pathetic attempt to get sympathy for Mendoza and Co. [News, “Citizenship Stop,” Dec. 16-22] largely falls on deaf ears for American-born Mexicans like myself. I’ve been in the work force since 1968 when I met my first illegal—not much of a problem back then. Since then a couple years back I lost my job to an illegal for lower wages—same job.

Years ago, I married a woman from Mexico, here illegally and she educated me on their intent—to take over our country by sheer numbers. The motto of Mexicans is “Learn Spanish.” They have songs about us American-born Mexicans that are
not nice such as “Poor Chicanos—they are not Mexicans or American—they are without country and soul.”

They have fooled you and your pinko comrades. Wake up and smell the tacos!

Letters: Mum’s The Word Mum’s The Word

[News, “All Torn Up About Lead and Coal,” Dec. 23-29] As a renter on one of these streets—I have lived on one of the one-ways for over seven years—neither the city nor the community association did anything to directly contact me. The way I found out about it, about a month before construction the website Duke City Fix Ran an article.

I can admit it’s perhaps my fault. I only watch about one to three hours of TV per month, and they claim there were TV and newspaper ads I must have missed. They also claim they contacted property owners, but talking to the property manager involved in my case, nothing trickled down to them.

Makes me feel very much like I’m living the section from Douglas Adams’
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy “Beware the Leopard.”

There had been no successful communication about these roads since they did the re-striping.

And to make matters worse, the city still is not getting the word out very well. Nearly daily I run into people who think Lead and Coal are being converted permanently into two-way streets, or even a few think Coal is being turned into a park!

Letters: I Beg To Differ I Beg To Differ

[News, “All Torn Up About Lead and Coal,” Dec. 23-29] While I cannot speak for the city, I can speak for my own actions as a (volunteer) member of the University Heights Neighborhood Association. We have made efforts to inform our neighbors of not only the Lead/Coal redesign but other neighborhood concerns as well. We distributed newsletters in May 2010 and September 2010. These newsletters included updates on the Lead/Coal project AND where to go for more information, or to get involved yourself.

I am the one who posted the articles on Duke City Fix (one in October
and one in June). In addition, one of our board members went around to the various businesses to let them know about the upcoming construction. There have also been several public meetings over the last year.

I’m not sure what else we could have done …

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